Ajax in WordPress is something I’ve discussed a few times on this site. For example, I’ve touched on:

But you know how it goes: Over time, things change. WordPress matures, we grow as developers, and techniques and methods that we might have used yesterday (or last year) aren’t necessarily the best way to achieve the same thing as today.

Ajax in WordPress

And Ajax in WordPress is one of those things. Although the actual API may still be the same, the way in which we can build object-oriented solutions that communicate with it can be refined a bit more (at least in contrast to what I used to do).

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/ July 28, 2016 / Comments Off on Running a Business Amidst Changing Technology

Running a Business Amidst Changing Technology

Whenever I have the opportunity to speak at an event, I always try to cover the events, any slides, any footage, and any other material related to the event in my speaking category.

Sometimes, though, I’ll write an article on another property that spends more time diving into a talk or a presentation that I gave in an attempt to help reach people through a site with a larger audience.

And it in a recent post for Envato, I did exactly that. Specifically, I did a deeper dive into my WordCamp San Diego speech on what it means to focus on running a business while keeping up with changing technology.

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One of the things that I like about using Atom is that you’re really able to make the editor your own through its settings, packages, themes, and so on.

It’s not altogether different from WordPress, right? Sorry. That’s like some sort of shameless promotion or something.

Back to the point: One of the features I’ve missed when coming from another IDE is the ability have the automatic generation of DocBlocks.

And that’s where Docblockr comes into play.

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/ July 26, 2016 / Comments Off on Hosting Office Hours with Carrie Dils

Hosting Office Hours with Carrie Dils

Many of you are likely familiar with Office Hours with Carrie Dils. But if not, here’s what the show is all about:

Every Thursday at 2p ET as Carrie interviews a variety of folks within the WordPress ecosystem, from plugin developers to marketers to business owners. The one thing they have in common? Each guest has found business success through leveraging WordPress as both a tool and a platform.

I had the honor of appearing on the show in previous episodes and had a great time. I also recommend tuning in when you have a chance as it’s a great, free opportunity to hear and learn from others.

Office Hours with Carrie Dils

Weeks ago, Carrie celebrated her 100th episode (which is an awesome feat in and of itself).

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We talk a lot about the idea of having bootstrap files in WordPress plugins, which I think are great, but we seem to limit it to those files that are responsible just for starting our WordPress plugins.

Bootstrap JavaScript File

This isn’t exactly what I meant, but I dig the picture.

I mean, hooking into plugins_loaded and then instantiating some classes, setting up a service registry, or things like that are important. But what about other components that make up our plugins?

And by that, I mean what about our JavaScript files? Should they have their way to be bootstrapped?

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