It’s been over a year since I’ve done any public speaking or participated in any podcasts for any significant amount of time. This is large because I was focusing on work and all things outside of it.

But when my friend Jason shot me an email earlier this year if I’d participate in his Live in the Feast podcast, it was an easy decision.

Live in the Feast, Season 3

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jason for some time over the last couple of years.

We both met on Twitter, though we’ve [regrettably] yet to meet face-to-face, and share a few common interests the least of which is not The Walking Dead (to the point where we had our Slack channel with others for discussing the episode).

But I digress.

In the most recent episode of his podcast, I had a chance to talk about the following:

Blogging, Balancing Work and Family, and Building a Business that Lasts

If you don’t bother to read the rest of this post, you can check out the episode page for more information.

Live in the Feast (Or “How I Remain Self-Employed”)

In the episode, which was a lot of fun to record, I talk about a variety of things including:

  • blogging,
  • WordPress development,
  • determine where I wanted to apply my focus,
  • and how to consistently do so for the last eight years or so.

Specifically, I talk about the advantages that blogging has brought regarding business (as well as why I enjoy doing it). I also talk a bit about theme development, plugin development (how to view and why I prefer the latter), and overall web application development in the last decade.

I also talk a bit about the membership features of the site, for those who are interested, and what to expect from that.

Furthermore, I hit on the following points:

  • growing an audience,
  • determining where your career and business best intersect,
  • how to handle sustainability when the market recedes a bit,
  • and how family plays a role (because, for me, it does)

So if you’re interested in any or all of that, be sure to check out the episode. And if you have the chance, I highly recommend checking out the entire season of podcasts.

It was great to be a part of it and, furthermore, it was fantastic to be featured alongside other such as Carrie Dils, Paul Jarvis, Curtis McHale, Ryan Carson, and more.