I’ve enjoyed speaking at WordCamps since my first back in 2013. You can see a short list of the ones at which I’ve spoken here:

And this weekend is officially WordCamp Atlanta 2019.

WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Web Apps with WordPress

I took 2018 off of speaking for several different reasons, and I’m not planning to do much in 2019 (especially with another kid making her debut later this year ❤️).

But given the work I’ve been doing with WordPress over the past few years, it seemed fitting to apply to at least speak at my local WordCamp.

A Case for Building Web Apps with WordPress

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed doing over the past year or so is focusing on building web applications on top of WordPress. I’ve written about this in several posts, case in point, but most recently talked about it in the second episode of the podcast.

Episode 2 - It's a Foundation

And this year, I’m going to be speaking specifically about this at the conference. The title of my talk is A Case for Building Web Applications with WordPress.

The official description being:

I’ll provide an explanation for why WordPress is a great option for a web application foundation.

First, I’ll talk about what a web application is. Then, I’ll cover the difference between a foundation and a framework. I’ll cover how it relates to WordPress (and what we can use out-of-the-box), what we may need to develop on our own, common practices for building such applications, and what a basic project may look like.

Some very, very basic object-oriented practices for approaching a project is a help, but not necessary.

But that’s the short version. Throughout the talk, I’m going to hit on much more. And, depending on your background, you may find it helpful that I’m not bothering to incorporate any code into this presentation.

Instead, it’s conceptual. Instead, I’m going to be talking about why WordPress is a viable option for building web applications – be it those that run specifically in the browser to those that can integrate with other devices such as iPhones.

With that said, I hope to see you there. It’s going to be fun to hang out with those I know, those I’m looking forward to [finally] meeting, and those I’m looking forward to hearing speak.

Here’s the schedule for the weekend for those who are interested.