Introducing Remove Empty Shortcodes

Last week, I discussed everything that went my decision on retiring site memberships. For those who were members (or even read the initial idea), you may recall that I was using Restrict Content Pro to power the site.

When retiring the memberships, I wanted to make sure I was able to maintain the integrity of all of the posts that I’d published simply without the shortcode that comes with RCP.

What started off as a simple plugin to remove the RCP shortcode turned into a plugin to remove all empty shortcodes. I’m opting to open the plugin’s repository so anyone can access it (or contribute issues, code, or create their own fork from it).

At the time of this writing, the plugin is at 0.4.0 so there’s not much to expect. But I enjoy reading the what and why other developers do in their projects, so I’m going to do so with Remove Empty Shortcodes.

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Tags Without Links 1.4.0

A few years ago (as in about five years ago), I released a simple plugin called Tags Without Links. You can read the initial post, too.

In the post, I mention:

In a few recent client projects, I’ve had the need to display WordPress tags without links. Sure, this is relatively easy to do with a foreach loop, but I got tired of writing the same code.

Last week, when I signed into GitHub, I noticed that others were still forking this plugin. And since so much time has passed, there’s still utility in this plugin, and since my development style has changed so much, I opted to refactor the plugin.

Tags Without Links 1.4.0

So the latest version of Tags Without Links is available, but this post will also describe some of the changes I’ve made (for those who are interested in such).

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Easier Excerpts 1.9.0 (with Gutenberg Support)

It’s been almost three years since I released the first version of Easier Excerpts. It remains one of my simplest plugins (with Scheduled Post Shortcut being the other); however, it’s one that I dogfood the most.

Now that WordPress 5.0 is out (and, at the time of this writing, WordPress 5.0.2), Gutenberg is out, as well. And with the new editor comes a new way to write excerpts.

So, before the holiday break, I pushed an update to Easier Excerpts that has support for both editors.

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Subtitle Migration: From a Theme to a Plugin

Recently, some theme shops have been acquired by larger hosting companies. Thus, getting a copy of a theme that you want is now more difficult unless you use said host.

For those who typically read this site via RSS (or some other means), then it’s worth noting that I’ve changed this site back to a stock theme (Twentyseventeen, actually).

Subtitles Migration: A Change to Twentyseventeen

The short reason being that this is a theme that is likely to be long supported since it’s built by the team and it’s going to play well with all of the new and upstream features.

But when changing themes, I lost one of my favorite features: Subtitles. That is, each post that I wrote had its subtitle to help explain and give context to what the rest of the article was about.

I’ve been familiar with Philip Arthur Moore’s Subtitles plugin for some time.

Subtitle Migration: Moving to Subtitles

And the way the previous theme was built along with the way this plugin is built made it possible for me to write a small plugin to migrate all of the previous theme subtitles to the plugin subtitles.

Here’s how where it is, how to use it, and how it works.

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