WordPress-Related Resources: Staying Up to Date

Arguably, the single constant that exists in our industry is that we always have to keep learning. I consider that a good thing (who doesn’t?), though I know it also becomes a bit tedious (and even lead to burnout depending on the nature of your job).

And I’d say that’s true now more than ever, especially given the speed at which languages and related tools are moving.

But if you’re working in the world of WordPress and you’re looking to stay up to date with some of the technologies that are used to build products on top of it, I thought I’d share a list of some things I recommend checking out.

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Setting Up a 2017 MacBook Pro for WordPress Development

Last Thursday was rough. If I were to explain everything that went down both with my computer and my personal life, you’d think I was making the whole thing up.

It’d be like the adult equivalent of “my dog ate [the last month of] my homework.” Or something like that.

First, as far as my personal life is concerned, this has nothing to do with the well-being of my family. Just a local debacle of waiting two hours during the workday to get something handled. Irrelevant other than, you know, taking a hefty chunk out of a workday.

Secondly, the computer stuff can all be summed up easily: There was a completely pathetic series of unfortunate events that led to its demise. Essentially, “I killed the car.

Setting Up a 2017 MacBook Pro for WordPress Development

So I had to order a replacement in short order (which is not something I wanted to do), had to have to delivered the next day before noon (which is not something I like to pay for) nor is it something that I had planned as a business expense for at least another year or two.

But here we are.

And this leads me to write this post: It’s a walkthrough of the process I follow and of the applications I install whenever setting up a new machine and how I configure it.

It’s not going to be incredibly detailed, but it’s a starting place for if this ever happens again or for any developer looking to set up a new machine or repurpose an existing machine.

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It’s Not About Finding the Perfect JavaScript Templating Engine

We’re currently working on a project that communicates with a third-party API. The response data is returned in JSON format, so we’ve opted to take the response and pipe it into a JavaScript templating engine.

The challenge: Finding the perfect JavaScript templating engine.

Well, sort of. The thing is, finding a templating engine is pretty easy. There are plenty of them. And many of them work the same way. I’m not sure I’m in a place where I could say I have a “favorite.”

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WordPress Data Collection with EZ Data

Usually, whenever I share resources on this site, it’s for development-related tools. Sometimes it’s plugins, other times; it’s things that we may use that are tangentially related to our work.

Sometimes, I’ll publish things from peers in the industry who I don’t know; other times; it’s from people who I know, consider a friend, and respect.

And the latter is the case with Roy Sivan and EZ Data.

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WordPress Admin Notice Plugins (And Why Options Are Good)

A couple of days ago, someone shot me a link to Dobby (no the house-elf, but sorta – and it would’ve been just a bit cooler, right? :). In short, it’s one of the various WordPress admin notice plugins that I think is worth checking out.

WordPress Admin Notices

It’s written by Thorsten Frommen (who inspired this post, to be honest) and a developer for whom I have a lot of respect.

The plugin’s description is as follows:

Dobby, the friendly Admin Elf, takes care of all your (unwanted) admin notices.

The emphasis added is mine, but it sounds a little familiar, doesn’t itThe drama.

Or not. 🙂

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