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Notes on programming-related problems that I’ve encountered while working on various projects.

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite the fact that I don’t know how many people read this the day it’s published – or that it matters, really – I’ve almost always shared a note of thanks on Thanksgiving Day on this site for just about as long as I’ve been writing on this blog.

Why would I stop this year?

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Installing Valet on macOS with Homebrew

📝 A Note About Notes

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of posts about similar things (if not the same thing). As is the case with software, though, the way we go about doing things can change.

The purpose of posts like this in this category is to start keeping a running list of notes for things I commonly do and how I do them at the time this post is updated.

I don’t know if I’ll update these posts or if I’ll draft new ones. If this one has no “Last Updated” date at the top, then it’s not been updated.

TL:DR: I’ve used a number of different development environments on my local machine over the years and keep coming back to Valet. Here are the notes I use for installing Valet on macOS.

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