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WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Web Apps with WordPress

I’ve enjoyed speaking at WordCamps since my first back in 2013. You can see a short list of the ones at which I’ve spoken here:

And this weekend is officially WordCamp Atlanta 2019.

WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Web Apps with WordPress

I took 2018 off of speaking for several different reasons, and I’m not planning to do much in 2019 (especially with another kid making her debut later this year ❤️).

But given the work I’ve been doing with WordPress over the past few years, it seemed fitting to apply to at least speak at my local WordCamp.

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WP Square One – About Pressware and Me

Last summer, I had the opportunity to join Micah Wood and Aaron Reimann’s podcast, WP Square One.

WP Square One Podcast

It’s been a little while before I’ve had the opportunity to share the content of the interview as we waited for publication and transcription, but I’m happy to be able to do so finally.

This particular podcast was one in which we had a lot of fun but also talked about some more serious topics as it relates to business and WordPress.

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AOL, Visual Basic, College, Work, WordPress, and More

Before the holidays (though at the time of this writing, I suppose we’re still in the holidays 🤔), I wrote a little bit about keeping domains, hosting, and email separate. In that post, I happen to mention Kinsta for hosting, as well.

Recently, I was interviewed for their blog as part of a blogging series they’re doing with some people in the WordPress economy.

AOL, Visual Basic, College, Work, and WordPress

Though I never know if these interviews are interesting for others, I always enjoy what others have to share, so I opt to share whenever something like this is published.

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Products, Services, Blogging, and WordPress with Matt Medeiros

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Matt Medeiros [once again] about various topics related to WordPress.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Matt for several years now, got a chance to hang with him at WordCamp US 2016, and continue to chat with him (when he’s not #medeirosing) both on podcasts and via other channels.

Yup – it’s one of those cases where you meet someone on Twitter, and they become friends. That does happen, you know.

But I digress.

Instead, how about some more fun (or at least more interesting) things?

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How I Built It Podcast: Page Template Dashboard

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the How I Built It podcast is a show that Joe Casabona publishes each week. In short, the show features Joe chatting with various people who are building things using WordPress, how they went about it, and other tangential topics.

I think it’s a neat idea for the show.

Coincidentally, I had a chance to finally meet Joe in person last year after (at the Post Status Publish conference) years of conversing online. If you’ve heard him on the podcast, he’s just as friendly in person. And if you’re not following him on Twitter, I recommend it.

That said, I had the chance to be featured on a recent episode of How I Built It in which I talk about one of my plugins (that’s horribly named) and some other related topics.

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