Publish To The WordPress Plugin Repository

One of my favorite things about working with WordPress is the community around the platform and how easy it is to extend the core application through themes and plugins. One of the challenges of new WordPress developers is getting started with publishing their plugins.

As such, I contributed an article that can be found on Envato on how to publish to the WordPress plugin repository.

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Adding :confirmable To Users in Devise

Update 2/16/2012: I’ve posted this to an article on the Devise wiki. It’s likely that the article will continue to be updated by the community on GitHub. If this article appears out of date, refer to the wiki.

One of the challenges of working with Devise is that you may end up introducing functionality into the authentication layer long after initial requirements have been built.

I recently needed to add email notifications for user account creation. That worked fine, but all of the existing user accounts were left unconfirmed.

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