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Pressware Partnering with Evermore

When Evermore was first released in 2014 and participated in some in-depth coverage and discussion with Post Status, my interest was piqued.

Evermore on Post Status

That is to say that I was interested in what they were doing, but I had no clue if it would pan or not. After all, in the last few years, we’ve seen an influx in various WordPress hosts some of which are managed, some of which are simply aiming to cater to the WordPress market.

But Evermore positioned themselves differently.


Two years later, they are going strong (“stronger” would probably be the more accurate term to use) and delivering a unique solution for a certain type of client in the WordPress economy.

And I couldn’t be happier to announce that Pressware is officially partnering with Evermore.

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WordCamp San Diego 2016 is taking place this weekend and I’m pretty stoked about it.


This particular WordCamp is going to be a couple of firsts for me. Specifically…

  1. I’ll be speaking at any type of WordPress event that’s not in Georgia,
  2. I’ll be speaking on the business track (as opposed to the developer track).

I’m also looking forward to meeting a number of people who I’ve yet to meet face-to-face, and I’m looking forward to catching up with those I haven’t seen in quite a while.

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The longer I work with building custom solutions for others in the form of WordPress plugins, the more I am a fan of having a WordPress plugin bootstrap file.

Honestly, this isn’t anything new, but it’s something I like to discuss periodically because the methods in which we build plugins, the ways posts can become outdated, and the strategies that we employ as we get better at what we do for a living change over time.

At least I hope they do. If you’re doing the same thing now that you were three or four years ago, then you’re a stellar developer. Or you haven’t grown that much. :)

But that’s content for another post.

When it comes to the work I do for others, the work is primarily in the creating plugins (which I enjoy building). So it’s only natural that I’d have things to add continually to this topic, right?

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Writing good changelogs seems to be one of those things that many of us talk about doing talk about wanting to see, but often don’t do it.

Or maybe it’s better to say that we often complain about the types of changelogs that we see, but don’t offer any advice of updates them ourselves.

And maybe that’s not the right thing to say. I mean, we do offer advice on how to update them. But does that stop us from writing better changelogs ourselves?

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Image optimization is one of those things that anyone involved in web development should be thinking about if they aren’t doing so already. Personally, I think if you’re involved in the field, you eventually bump up against the need for it when working on a project for yourself or someone else.

And in WordPress, there are a lot of plugins and other options that we have for optimizing our images (and other assets. But what if you’re looking to do so while working with files on your local machine there are some different ways of doing so.

I’m actually in the process of migrating some different sites to different hosts right now (speaking of which, this may be interesting reading for those of you who manage sites on shared or budget hosting).

In the process of doing so, I’m taking the opportunity to optimize all of the images that are being migrated and optimizing them. Bt I’m not using a plugin or other web-based tool to do it.

Instead, I’m using ImageOptim.

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