Yesterday, I started a recap of the talk that I gave at WordCamp San Diego 2016 in which I discussed what it’s like to be running a business in technology.

The Beaches of La Jolla

The Beaches of La Jolla

If you haven’t read the article, the general points were:

  1. Technology drives our business
  2. We should elegantly solve problems
  3. This helps us; This helps our users

And that was the first part. The second half deals with how actually to keep up with technology, especially as it changes seemingly every single week.

This part of the talk focused on those who are managers of developers, those who are developers managed by someone else, and those who are self-employed.

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Running a business in technology can be a challenging thing especially if you have a background in technology.

No, it’s not that I elevate those in technology above anyone else in any other field, but it’s that I know this field, and I know the challenges that come with how we may want to implement solutions versus how others may want the solution implemented.

Talking about running a business at WCSD.

Talking about running a business at WCSD. Photo Credit to @damiensam.

In a sense, we have to balance a level of pragmatism with what we’re delivering to the business and with how we may want to engineer the final solution. At the same time, we have to do this while keeping up with the changing landscape of technology.

At WordCamp San Diego, I spoke with Personal Growth – Running a Business and Keeping up with Changing TechnologyIn this post and the one following, I’ll  be discussing some of the points outlined in that presentation.

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As I’m decompressing from the whirlwind that was WordCamp San Diego, I’ve been going through notes and bookmarked posts on the topics for many of the things that were discussed.

WordCamp San Diego 2016

Taken at La Jolla Shores one evening after the conference.

But my mind is also drifting to several emails, messages, and notes I’ve received this year about those who are interested in attending a WordCamp but have yet to do so for one reason or another.

Though I’m considering writing several posts over the course of this week all related to the material covered at the conference, I thought it might be worth sharing some of the reasons that I enjoy going to WordCamp.

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/ April 25, 2016 / Comments Off on Displaying The Most Recent WordPress Query

Displaying The Most Recent WordPress Query

Looking the most recent WordPress query that is run on a given page can be useful for several reasons:

  • you see how the information in the database is retrieved,
  • you learn how the underlying query system works,
  • you’re able to benchmark your custom queries,
  • and more.

In a recent article for Envato, I share a 60-second video on how you can quickly take a look at the last query executed on a given page.


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If there’s one thing that unites every single person who works with computers for the majority of their work, it has to be the amount of email we all receive.

At least, that’s my estimation. I don’t know. I’ve been too busy responding to emails to conduct a scientific study.

But seriously, there’s a lot to be said for making sure we control who has access to our inbox and who doesn’t. And I know: We’re living in an age where everyone is trying to “fix” email with a variety of different clients.

The Throttle Homepage

The Throttle Homepage

But I came across Throttle some time ago, have been using it ever since, and am really happy with how it helps me manage my email, especially for various online accounts.

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