Hey there! Obviously, I’m Tom. Over the course of 13+ years, I’ve written extensively on topics around software engineering especially in the context of WordPress, PHP, databases, and other backend technology.



Since starting this blog, I’ve written over 2,000 articles about software development in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress, and related technologies.

The full catalog is available in the archives.

If you’re looking for some valuable content, aren’t sure where to start, but are open to looking at some of the most popularly tagged content, then check out the following series:

Other Published Articles

In early 2012, I wrote about A Process For Professional WordPress Development for Smashing Magazine. This was one of my earliest posts on a major publication. From there, I began to participate more broadly often contributing to Envato.

For years, I produced screencasts and authored tutorials. At this point, many of the screencasts are out of date, but some of the more popular ones are:

I also have an archive of articles running about 17 pages deep regarding how to do things within WordPress. Note that Envato has opted to change of the date of some of these articles to appear more recent than they are (for reasons that I assume are to maintain SEO). But some of the more popular series I published are:

Again, though the context in which some of the ideas are produced or shared may be dated, the principles often transcend the version of WordPress that’s available.


I’ve given a number of presentations at conferences and meet ups:


I’ve been a guest on a number of podcasts:


And I’ve had the pleasure of co-authoring or contributing to a number of books on the topic.

Now, I work as a Senior Software Developer on the Research and Development Team at Awesome Motive where we help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys. Primarily, my work revolves around building and maintaining software, workflows, and related infrastructure that keep our systems running smoothly.

Though I still enjoy writing, I don’t have the opportunity to do so as much as I once did. Such is life as you get older, build a family, try to more deeply participate in various interests and hobbies, and involve yourself in a number of different activities.

For those who are new, you can see much of my most popular work above. For those who are interested, you can continue to follow my blog.


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