Though I still consider this whole podcasting thing an experiment, and likely will continue to do so for a while, I’m excited to have the notes ready for the second episode.

Episode 2 - It's a Foundation

Depending on where you subscribe, you may already have listened to it or have it queued up. But I’ve got the show notes for the episode in this post.

And for those who are still curious the answers are:

  • Yes, it will be your new favorite podcast
  • Yes, this episode is longer than the first,
  • Yes, I still throw a mention to Matt,
  • And yes, I have a more structured format.

I don’t know how much more I could’ve put into what’s just the second episode, but you can be the judge.

It’s a Foundation

Although I’ve tried to organize the structure around the podcast – which I’ll cover momentarily – remember that the core purpose remains the same:

It’s a podcast in which I answer listener questions and talk about the various aspects of being a self-employed developer working with WordPress.

With that said, here’s a breakdown of what I cover in the show and the order in which I do so:

  1. From Last Time: Time Management
    1. How I Define Events
    2. How I Define Tasks
    3. How They Are Related and How They Are Different
  2. This Episode’s Question
    1. What factors do you take into consideration when deciding between PHP various frameworks such as Laravel, WordPress, Symfony, etc.?
  3. Left Overs (Tentatively Titled)
    1. I’m currently reading That Hideous Strength, the third book of The Space Trilogy by CS Lewis.
    2. I’m digging on Maggie Rogers’ album Heard It In a Past Life
    3. Please continue to submit comments, questions, feedback, and all that jazz.

Perhaps the point I want to stress the most in this week’s episode is that I initially didn’t want to answer this question – I explain why, too. Further, I think it’s important to be more precise in our terminology.

Where to Listen

If you have a minute to provide a rating (or a review, too), I’d very much appreciate it. And if you thought I was going to stop asking for feedback on the first episode, that was ridiculous. 🙃