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The Idea of Boxes for Multiple WordPress Projects in One Installation

When working with multiple WordPress installations – that is, having to manage an array of wp-content directories for whatever it is you’re working on, it seems that it’s more often not common to suggest creating a new WordPress installation for each project.

This isn’t something necessary assuming the nature of your work can operate off of a single database and the same version of WordPress. This may or may not work for multi-site projects; I don’t deal with them so don’t count on this as being applicable.

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Writing for WordPress Has to Change (For Me)

When I first started writing on this blog, It was on October 3, 2010. That’s wild to think about. I know that those who read usually fall into one of three categories:

  • People who read regularly, for which I thank you,
  • People who are aware of it and check periodically, for which I thank you,
  • And people who are drivebys from searches from various search engines.

All of that is great and fine and I don’t think I ever would’ve thought I’d be writing roughly 12 years later.

But here we are.

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Quick Tip: Find WordPress Users by Metadata

TL;DR: Here’s how you can use SQL to find WordPress users by metadata. This is useful when you have information such as their first name and last name and want to retrieve the full WP_User.

WordPress provides a number of functions that make it easy to retrieve a user based on certain information. One of the most popular functions (or most useful, maybe?) is get_user_by.

However, what if you’re working on a system that maintains the user’s first name and last name or some other type of data point in the usermeta table and you want to use that to retrieve the user’s information?

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Quick Tip: Programmatically Authenticate a User

TL;DR: Here’s how you can programmatically authenticate a user into WordPress as long as you have a verified user ID for said user.

Earlier this week, I shared how to import necessary core files to programmatically manage users in the administration area of WordPress. Along those same lines, if you’re working with a third-party service for login and authentication, it may be useful to know how to programmatically redirect to the administration area once you have a valid user ID.

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