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WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Web Apps with WordPress

I’ve enjoyed speaking at WordCamps since my first back in 2013. You can see a short list of the ones at which I’ve spoken here:

And this weekend is officially WordCamp Atlanta 2019.

WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Web Apps with WordPress

I took 2018 off of speaking for several different reasons, and I’m not planning to do much in 2019 (especially with another kid making her debut later this year ❤️).

But given the work I’ve been doing with WordPress over the past few years, it seemed fitting to apply to at least speak at my local WordCamp.

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You Should Come to WordCamp Atlanta 2017

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp Atlanta, WordCamp US, and several local meetup groups and enjoyed my time at all of them. This year, I’m trying to spend less time attending conferences and speaking for a number of reasons (all of which really have to do with wanting to focus on work-related stuff).

WordCamp Atlanta 2017

Since I live just outside the city, though, I’ll be at WordCamp Atlanta 2017. Further, I’m looking forward to speaking on the developer track.

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Running a Business Amidst Changing Technology

Whenever I have the opportunity to speak at an event, I always try to cover the events, any slides, any footage, and any other material related to the event in my speaking category.

Sometimes, though, I’ll write an article on another property that spends more time diving into a talk or a presentation that I gave in an attempt to help reach people through a site with a larger audience.

And it in a recent post for Envato, I did exactly that. Specifically, I did a deeper dive into my WordCamp San Diego speech on what it means to focus on running a business while keeping up with changing technology.

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Running a Business in Technology, Part 2

Yesterday, I started a recap of the talk that I gave at WordCamp San Diego 2016 in which I discussed what it’s like to be running a business in technology.

The Beaches of La Jolla

The Beaches of La Jolla

If you haven’t read the article, the general points were:

  1. Technology drives our business
  2. We should elegantly solve problems
  3. This helps us; This helps our users

And that was the first part. The second half deals with how actually to keep up with technology, especially as it changes seemingly every single week.

This part of the talk focused on those who are managers of developers, those who are developers managed by someone else, and those who are self-employed.

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