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Privacy is Hard: Chrome Extensions

I try not to use Chrome but, from time to time, various applications or projects necessitate its use.

I still like the speed of the browser and I really like its debugging tools but the data collection that Chrome performs is one that I dislike and I see no reason for the organization to change its practices. For more information see this, this, this, and this, and this.

And sure, some of the above advice is anecdotal but these are just some of the more common things that people are going to come across if they start looking into what the browser is doing. There are plenty of deeper analyses of what the browser does from a deeper technological standpoint.

Oh, and if you’re looking at Ghostery, read this fun thread, too.

But the purpose of this post isn’t to digress into all of the things that Chrome is doing (the when, how, and why), but instead its about sharing extensions that I’ve found to be useful when using Chrome.

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Privacy is Hard: Web Browsing with 1Blocker

When it comes to privacy and web browsing, I’ve talked Firefox in a previous post. In the same post, I also stated:

I’m actually a fan of Safari for casually browsing the web. That browser coupled with 1Blocker makes it a solid alternative.

As far as Firefox is concerned, I still think it’s a fantastic browser but if you’re looking for a seamless experience between macOS and iOS 1Blocker alternative solution that I’ve been using for a few weeks.

The motivation for privacy (which I’ve previously shared) still stands but it may not be the same for you. I’m approaching it with the following attitude:

  • what I’m comfortable with using may not be the same for you (and vice versa),
  • and privacy and security are not terms that I use interchangeably.

That said, the rationale for using software like this alongside a browser that’s bundled with an operating system (remember when that was a big deal?) rather than a third-party browser is different.

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Privacy is Hard: Analytics

When speaking of web analytics and privacy, its not something I typically think of going hand-in-hand.

I mean, conventional wisdom may argue that we want to know as much as possible about those visiting our sites so we can ensure we’re writing content properly, building features out properly, and targeting all of the necessary metrics to make sure our site is successful.

And there’s truth to that, sure. But there’s still a level of privacy around what the user is sharing (and perhaps how it’s managed, who stores it, for how long, etc.).

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Privacy is Hard: File Syncing

When we’re working on a variety of devices – be it our computers, our tablets, or even our phones – it’s definitely convenient to have access to certain types wherever we are, right?

And with files aside, our phones have such powerful cameras now; it’s nice also to have the ability to store our photos but also to free up space on our phones (although this may be a tertiary issue for you regarding file syncing).

Anyway, there are a lot of services that are available that allow you to store your files in the cloud and to access them anywhere. It’s easy to tout security and privacy and, yes, we can do things on our end like enable two-factor authentication.

But what about the actual files themselves? That is, we can make it more difficult to log in and access the files but what about those on the other side who work at the company responsible for storing the files?

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