In 2019, I started writing a bit about the different things I was using to make my online experience a more private (because I, like many of you, think privacy is important 🙂).

Though I’ve not written much about since then, I have found a couple of utilities that I use to help my browsing experience. Though they don’t necessarily fit in with things you may find in my articles on privacy, they still help with certain things that are simply annoying.

Here are are a couple of Safari extensions that I’ve found useful to have installed on iOS when browsing the web.

Safari Extensions: Twitter and Nags

🐦 Tweaks for Twitter

Tweaks for Twitter is a Safari extension (well, technically it runs in other browsers, too!) that turns off much of the things that make Twitter annoying (no, I’m not talking about whoever you’re following that’s always tweeting about the things you hate – that’s up to you do unfollow).

Tweaks for Twitter is a web browser extension that improves the user interface of in many ways.

Tweaks for Twitter

For example, this removes promoted tweets, hover cards, “See more tweets from,” and then that little insert that Twitter shows where its “Followed by others you follow.”

It gets Twitter as close to back to basics as it was once upon a time.

🛑 Banish

In short, Banish is a Safari extension that hides or removes those annoying pop-ups that show on sites like Reddit that say “Open this in [our dedicated app] for more!”

An ultra-efficient Safari Extension that blocks annoying ‘Open in App’ popups & other dark patterns on the web.


No thank you, please. I’d rather just stay in the browser and not download yet another thing, especially if it’s a web wrapper. (And if it’s going to be Reddit, Apollo has your back anyway.)

Note these work on iOS and macOS but I spend a lot of time in other browsers on my desktop for development work. But for browsing on any device, these work great.

More To Come

When I was writing regularly, I enjoyed sharing some of the things I was using even if it wasn’t explicitly about development. Not only do I think it helped surface things that I found through others, it also helped to others continue to share things that I find useful.

Maybe this will do more of the same.