In a previous post, I talked a bit about Fathom Analytics and what a fan I was of the service when it first launched.

Now that a few months have passed and the product has further evolved, I wanted to revisit the service and share a few things that I like about it.

Fathom Analytics, Revisited

You can read everything I had to say about the plugin in my original post. The purpose of this one, however, is to provide a little more insight into the plugin as of today.

The short of it is that I’m still a fan and I absolutely recommend it. Here are more of the details, though.

The WordPress Plugin.

First, the WordPress plugin they have available is a cinch to install (it’s available when searching the WordPress plugin repository, even) and shows you the analytics exactly as they appear on the Fathom dashboard.

Obviously, though, this is in the context of your WordPress site. It’s available as a top-level sidebar menu.

The Podcast

Another thing that the team has done is started a new podcast that dives into a variety of topics around the ethics of technology, software, privacy, and generally the type of stuff that those of you reading this likely work on.

I’m not saying everyone needs to avoid all Big Tech companies or anything like that, but knowing what options are out there and the ethics around privacy in the context of software development (or software in general) is a fun topic to discuss or listen to other discuss.

Still Interested?

Clearly, I’m a fan and if you haven’t given a try, I highly recommend them over any other analytics service for bloggers. If you’re interested, them give them a try (and use this link as it is an affiliate link 🙂).

And even if you’re not, remember to check out the rest of the articles I’m sharing in my Privacy section since it is becoming an increasingly larger factor in our day-to-day.