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Tag Sticky Post For WordPress

Tag Sticky Post For WordPress

Tag Sticky Post for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky within a specific tag archive. It works exactly like the typical sticky post functionality within WordPress, except that it’s specifically for tag archives.

This means that if you have a set of articles under one tag, you can mark one to always appear at the top of the tag archive.

This plugin came out of a direct need that I have for my own site: All of my projects are located in the Projects category, but each project has its own tag.

The problem is that I often write a post introducing the project, what it does, why I wrote it, and where you can find more information about it. But over time, I write posts that cover various updates or other issues about the project ultimately pushing the introductory post – arguably the most important post – lower into the archive.

The thing is, that post is the one I want readers to see as soon as they visit the archive. To solve this problem, I wrote Tag Sticky Post. You can see the plugin in action in the Comment Images archive.

Tag Sticky Post has the following set of features:

  • Allows you to select which tag in which to stick a post
  • Will display the post on the top of the first page of the archive just like WordPress’ sticky posts
  • Will only allow you to stick a single post per tag
  • Displays whether or not a post is stuck in a tag on the Post Edit dashboard
  • Provides light styling that should look good in most themes
  • Is available on each post editor page
  • Is fully localized and ready for translation

Be sure to check out a variety of screenshots, too.

You can install it from the WordPress Dashboard or download it from the plugin’s homepage.


  1. Bart

    I wanted this on my own site, so I googled ‘Tag Sticky Post;’ and found this.
    Nice to see a lot of useful WordPress related things like this have already been made :)


  2. labuz

    Hello author!

    Do i have a chance to make three sticky posts for one tag archive, which will be shown on top of category?

    • Tom McFarlin

      No – it only allows for the selection of a single post to be considered the sticky post.

  3. Sujit

    Thanks for this great plugin. But How to use it. Any tutorial?

    • Tom

      When you’re editing the page on which you want to stick at the top of the tag archive, you select the name of the tag from the dropdown that’s available on the left-side (or right-side depending on your language) of your screen that’s labeled “Tag Sticky Post.”

      Hope this helps!

  4. Wayne

    I don’t see the file custom.css is it plugin.css or do I have to create custom.css to ensure my styling is not lost when the plugin is updated?

    • Tom

      You have to manually create it. To do so, in the plugin’s CSS directory, create a file named custom.css and you should be good!

      If not, let me know.

      • Wayne

        Great thanks, so after creating the custom.css I use the same class .tag-sticky to override the default styling?

        btw I added an issue to the plugin support forum when you get a mo.

  5. Daniel

    Hey, got a quick question.

    I’m trying to modify this plugin so that it can work with a custom post’s custom taxonomy (maybe complicated, not sure). Basically, I’m working on tweaking line 126 of class-tag-sticky-post.php to adapt to create a similar list of objects for the taxonomy as the tags.

    Not sure if you’d know the right approach right off the bat, but thought I’d ask. If you’d like a link to my site, I can email it over.

    Cheers, and many thanks for your work.

    • Tom

      Without knowing more information, I wouldn’t really be able to provide any helpful information.

      Wish I could be more help. All the best!

    • Tom

      Without taking a look at this in more detail and in its context, it’s hard for me to provide any information that’d be of any help.

      All the best!

  6. Ann-Marie


    I was so relieved to find this plug-in!!! Thanks! I’m just having some trouble getting it to do what I thought it would.

    I’ve used the dropdown menu on the right hand side and assigned a tag to the post but the post still just stays in chronological order – not at the top of the post where I want it. Any suggestions very welcome! I haven’t unticked the ‘sticky’ box on the WordPress editor that I had tried originally (if that makes any difference).

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Tom

      Unless another plugin or your theme is causing a problem, the plugin works like this:

      1. Select the post’s tag to which you want to stick it
      2. Navigate to that tag’s archive page
      3. The post should appear at the top of the archive page

      This plugin doesn’t stick it on top of any other page except the archive page for the given tag. If the post is also marked as sticky in WordPress, it may cause funny results (such as also sticking it to the top of your homepage).

  7. John Goeller

    I love this plugin! Thanks so much for sharing it. One thing I would love to see is the ability to make pages sticky on a tag archive, in addition to posts. Is there an easy way to modify it for this?

    • Tom

      I love this plugin! Thanks so much for sharing it.

      Sure thing! Happy to help :).

      Is there an easy way to modify it for this?

      Right now, there is not.

  8. Claudia 'Braun

    Hey Tom,

    a few days ago I installed your plugin “Tag Sticky Post” and everything went well. Now, however, there are problems. The selected post is still displayed at the top, but in addition there is a double of the post further down. The double is also presented strangely.

    Do you have an idea why this can be?

    Thanks in advance,


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