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A little over a year ago, I published a small plugin for WordPress to GitHub – Title Capitalization for WordPress. The idea behind the plugin is easy: Properly capitalizes post titles and heading elements in the post content. Ultimately, it’s meant to make sure that when you enter content – specifically headings – the work […]

Every now and then I’ll get an email or a tweet that asks me something about Comment Images – a plugin for WordPress that initially wrote sometime ago. The plugin is active on 6,000+ installs and has 4.7/5 rating so I’m generally happy with the reception of the plugin. Over time, however, I’ve become busier and […]

Over the past few years of working within the WordPress space, I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of really great people and teams, and I’ve had the chance to work on a lot of different types of projects. Some of these include commercial themes, commercial plugins, free themes, free plugins, custom web applications, and […]

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Mayer For WordPress is For Sale

A little over a year ago, I released Mayer For WordPress and have been selling it on ever since. For those who are unfamiliar with the theme, it offers the following features: Mobile-ready on all devices editor-style.css so that all of the content you write in the Dashboard looks exactly as it will on the […]

Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about some of the changes that I’ve been looking to make over the coming weeks primarily so that I can re-focus my efforts. Specifically, I talked about this in this post and in this post. One of the first changes that I needed to make was that of the […]

Not quite a month ago, I mentioned that I was going to begin open sourcing the themes (and potentially plugins) that we sell on Right now, this is only a single theme (though others are in development and I’ll talk more about that later). As of today, Mayer for along with the three (yep, […]

When I first launched the landing page for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate last year, the main idea was to grow a site around the single landing page that offered code examples, how to’s, and other forms of documentation. But I’ve spent the last month working on some special material for the Boilerplate (that I’ll talk […]

A little over a month ago, I released the latest version of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. The response has been great – more than I was expecting, really but that’s a good thing – and, generally speaking, it’s been overall positive. Over the last month or so, it’s become clear that more time and resources will […]

Comments are closed on this post. Rather than posting a comment, submit a few dev practices.I don’t talk about this much on this particular blog because it’s outside the scope of the usual content on which I try to focus, but whenever there’s something worth mentioning, I bring it up. As such, almost a year […]

A few years ago, I started the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate project as nothing more than a GitHub repository used to store code that I found myself frequently using in both personal and client projects. As I became more involved with WordPress, as I began to build more plugins for fun and profit, and as I […]