Category Sticky Post For WordPress

Category Sticky Post

Category Sticky Post for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky within a specific category archive. It works exactly like the typical sticky post functionality within WordPress, except that it’s specifically for category archives.

This means that if you have a set of articles under one category, you can mark one to always appear at the top of the category archive.

I’ve written and released a similar plugin – Tag Sticky Post – which came out of a need for my own site. But we all use categories and tags differently. As such, I wanted to make sure that I covered both types of archives.

The problem that the plugin attempts to solve is the same as that of Tag Sticky Post. Directly from that project’s post:

The problem is that I often write a post introducing the project, what it does, why I wrote it, and where you can find more information about it. But over time, I write posts that cover various updates or other issues about the project ultimately pushing the introductory post – arguably the most important post – lower into the archive.

Category Sticky Post has the following set of features:

  • Allows you to select which category in which to stick a post
  • Will display the post on the top of the first page of the archive just like built-in sticky posts
  • Will only allow you to stick a single post per category
  • Displays whether or not a post is stuck in a category on the Post Edit dashboard
  • Provides light styling that should look good in most themes
  • Is available on each post editor page
  • Is fully localized and ready for translation
  • Includes Spanish translations right out of the box (thanks to Andrew Kurtis!)

Be sure to check out a variety of screenshots, too.

You can install it from the WordPress Dashboard or download it from the plugin’s homepage.


This plugin is exactly what I was looking for, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me…. I have defined what category the post should be in, and assigned the sticky post to that same category, but all of my sticky posts are showing at the top of all the categories. Is there a certain way I need to be calling for the Sticky Post in the category.php file that perhaps I am missing? Thanks!

This works great, and is exactly what I need.

Yet, the post seems to be too wide for my site? Is there a way to adjust the width?

It’s the post at the top that says “Free Letters” – As you can see the border of the post doesn’t line up with the others…


Great plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Thank you for this plugin.
I have a question : All the categories are not displayed in the list. is there any maximum number ?
Thank you !

The category sticky is working for me with one problem. It is sticking the post to the top of my home page as well as the category I specified. I checked and the box is not checked for regular sticky posts. Help.

Hi Tom, We’re doing ‘Category Podcasting’ with WordPress, and I’m just wondering if I use this to make a post sticky, what will it do to the RSS feed, will it always make the top item in the feed the sticky one? However I don’t want this, I want the top sticky simply for information about what the podcast is about for this particular podcast series.

Love the plugin, but i’m having the same problem with overlap. I removed the margins from plugin.css, but it is still there. Any ideas?

Is there a way to increase the number of post that can be “sticky post”?? Instead of just one can I increase it to 5? 10?

If so you would be my super hero man.

Hi, this plugin works almost perfectly. If I change the product and store the specified sticky category is deleted. So I need to save again after the item category and specify save the sticky.

Is that intentional?

Thank you

Hi Tom

This plugin was exactly what I need, so I installed it and it worked as described. The only trouble is that my menu items in the menu admin page became “frozen” ie they can’t be pulled up and down and no dropdown menu items can be added. This happened on three themes I tried, Slide, twenty-twelve and Suffusion. Is there a workaround please, as I would like the functionality of your plugin.


    Hey Vic,

    This sounds like it may have to do with another plugin as Category Sticky POst was tested with Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, and Standard during development. There’s also only CSS changes that have been made – no JavaScript that would interfere with a menu.

    This is also the first report I’ve had of this. If disabling all the plugins doesn’t fix the problem, please send me an email.

I’ve noticed that it won’t apply the custom ‘category-sticky’ class to the post if the post is assigned multiple categories. For example, I have it set to CategoryA and Featured (which displays the post on the homepage), and have it stickied in CategoryA. The stickiness works fine, but it doesn’t apply the ‘category-sticky’ class, so I can’t do any custom styling. If I remove the Featured category, it works, but then won’t display on my homepage. Any ideas?

    Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for the heads up – I’ll make a note of this and see if I can’t introduce a fix for a future release.

      hi tom
      i seem to have the same problem as michelle. on the page mentioned above i classified the second post (“philosophische reisen”, the explanatory main post for this category, also categorized in this category) as a sticky post for the category “philosophische reisen” but it’s still listed chronologically because it’s also categorized in another category. i need this other category in order to exclude/hide the post from the regular posts listing on the front page. any solution?

    The problem with the class category-sticky still exists. There is no css styling possible!

      Sorry, I don’t understand your comment. Do you mean the class still exists after the plugin is de-activated or what? Let me know (and provide a link so I can take a look, as well).

is there a way to have more lines of the sticky post content show on the category page before the “read more” link appears? but not have the other posts affected?

Great plugin, it does almost EXACTLY what I need.

Is is possible to stick more than one post to the top of the category archive?

What a great article, helped me a lot, Thanks for sharing.

Awesome plugin. The only quirk is that the category sticky posts are appearing on the homepage under recent posts. Is there a way to keep the sticks solely on the category page?

    They shouldn’t be appearing on the homepage – this could be a problem with your theme or another plugin.

    I typically don’t offer free support, but if you’d like me to take a look at it and provide a resolution, then feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can do!

Hi Tom,

I’m having an issue. Whatever post I make sticky lays on top of the default “latest” post, so it’s like they’re fighting for the same spot.

I’m sure it has something to do with a conflict with my theme, but can you lead me in the right direction so I have an idea of how to fix this?

Does this plugin still work? I cannot get it to work for me at all. Perhaps my theme is blocking it?

Hi Tom

Does your plugin work for ver 3.6 ?

this is exactly what I need however, after I installed, I can no longer add new photos to previous posts or update posting dates on previous posts. Any ideas?

    This sounds like a conflict with another plugin or your theme – this is the first I’ve heard of the issue.

    If you can email me the details of your environment, I’ll make a note. Also, just a heads up, since this is a free plugin, I’m only able to address issues as soon as I get a chance.

Hi there,

How can I delete the black border around the sticky post –


I really like this plugin but I have a quick question for you. Do you think it is possible to increase the amount of sticky posts that I can display on a category from 1 post to 4 post? That would be amazing if you let me know what I have to do in order to do this.

Thank you for this amazing plugin and I will wait for your reply.

I really liked the sticky catogery plugin from you, are there any plugins from you to make the widgets sticky ?

o plugin foi instalado mas na hora de escolher a categoria não aparece nenhuma oque fazer? porque ele não le as categorias?

I have one problem. I need more post at top of category. It means i need more sticky posts for one category. How i can change it?
Sorry for my bad English.

    Hey Steak, Unfortunately, you can only select one post to be at the top of the category.

    Your English is fine, btw :).

      Thanks. But do you have some tip for plugin? Or how edit your code?

        I’d look into the code where I’m modifying the loop to find the post that’s marked as sticky and then rather returning a single post, creating an array of posts to be stuck to the top and then putting them at the top (or the front) of the array of posts that are to be rendered.

        I hope this helps!

Hi Tom,
This plugin is just what I wanted for my About section, so thank you! But I can’t seem to get rid of the heavy black border at the top. I’ve tried overriding the CSS in my child theme but it’s not working. Of course I did check the box that says hide border. It doesn’t show up on the individual post, but does on the category page. Can you please help me? I’m not a code pro, obviously, just a lowly artist, so feel free to talk down to me! :-D
p.s. Here’s what I tried to do in my child theme:
.category-sticky {
border-top: none;
border-bottom: none;

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The category plugin installs easily and my site thinks everything is ok. No unexpected flareups of what the heck… is going on.

I have a problem with that plugin. When it is activated I can’t edit menu structure. I only can add new item at the end of menu, and it’s not possible to move it anywhere. Links for moving does not work, drag and drop does not work either. I use WordPress 3.9.2

    Hey Majki,

    This sounds like it’s a problem with a conflict of something else thats running alongside the plugin. It could be something in the theme or it could be something in another plugin.

    Without knowing more, there’s not much I can do.

Hi Tom,
I have been using your sticky category widget for just over a year and it’s been great. However, I had a problem with the last set of revisions I made and two things happened (not sure if they’re related). First, the menus blew up (not your widget’s fault – that’s just the first symptom), so that a bunch disappeared and I’ve had to rebuild them. Second, most of the categories are grayed out from the list when I try to select them from the list to make a post category sticky.

The list appears to be generating correctly, and the two new categories I created today area available, but most of the existing categories (including parents and subs) are not available. Any suggestions where to look? Many thanks.

I use the plug-in and really enjoy it, however, I’m wondering if there is a way to make one post sticky in ALL categories I have? Basically, my post is instructions on using the site.

Here’s what I have for a sticky post in one category, however, I would like to have those instructions at the top of each category.


This works like a charm except for one thing — with sub or “child” categories, all the sticky posts associated with that category show up… in my case for a client site I have a “healthy foods” category with a variety of sub-categories like “healthy olive oil” “healthy dairy” etc. On the parent category “Healthy Foods” I get all the child category sticky posts. Am surprised not to see this question asked already — so maybe I’m missing something. Hope it’s an easy answer as this is a great plugin!

I wonder how to add (hopefully with a plugin or theme function) the category to the top of any related post? Thank you.

Hi Tom

congratulations for your plugin …

I have two questions for you:

I can only select one post as stickhy for each category?

the post selected as stickhy is visible twice (at the top and at the original position) … you can see it only at the top?



    I can only select one post as stickhy for each category?

    Yes. One sticky post per category

    the post selected as stickhy is visible twice (at the top and at the original position) … you can see it only at the top?

    Only at the top.


Thanks for the plugin! I have a couple of questions, though.

– On admin-side article listing it displays a ‘0’ after the title if the article is not set as a Category Sticky Post. This is a bit annoying…

– I cannot get translations to work. I’ve made the translations using Poedit and placed the files in /lang under the plugin. Filename fi.po matches my language settings in config.php.

Any ideas? Thanks.

    – On admin-side article listing it displays a ‘0’ after the title if the article is not set as a Category Sticky Post. This is a bit annoying…

    I hate to say it, but I’m not sure why this is happening. This is the first report that I’ve had with this particular issue.

    Do you also see it when you swap themes?

    – I cannot get translations to work. I’ve made the translations using Poedit and placed the files in /lang under the plugin. Filename fi.po matches my language settings in config.php

    IIRC, the format of the filename needs to be, for example. Try that format and let me know.

      Thanks for looking into this.

      Unfortunately, ‘0’s are still there after swapping themes and doesn’t work either.

      I’m running the latest WP on Nginx.


I’m working on a site for a client and she is desperate to have the sticky post work on the home page. I’ve looked at the plugin code, and even tried to edit it, but it didn’t seem to do what I had hoped. Basically I just need the class to show up on any page, not just category pages. But specifically the home page.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Hey Glenn,

    Unfortunately, this is more in the realm of a customization for the plugin that’s not really possible for me to offer via blog comments. Remember that WordPress offers the native functionality to create a ‘Sticky Post’ for any post and have it stick to the homepage.

    IIRC, it even supports custom class names so that may be the better route to go.

    Hope this helps!

Your app was working perfectly for me previously. I have had it installed for quite some time and about 2 months ago it seems to have stopped working.

I have the category selected but it simply appears in the chronological position and not at the top (not sticky).

My theme has not changed.

Can you help?

    Hey Tim,

    Unfortunately, without knowing more information or taking a look at how it’s interacting with the theme, I’m afraid there’s not much help I can provide here.

Tom McFarlin | You’re subscribed to discussion of Category Sticky Post For WordPressTom – What info can I provide you to look into it? Can I email it directly to you?

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