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Giveaway: Free HTML5 Stickers

Comments are now closed on this post. I'll be emailing the first five commenters privately.

I’ve got a set of five large HTML5 stickers. They’d look awesome on the back of your laptop, the back of your car, or maybe on the face of your ugliest friend:

Giveaway: HTML5 Stickers

Here’s the deal:

It’s first come, first serve. Once the five people have commented, I’ll close the comments and shoot each of you an email directly so make sure that you leave a valid email address.

From there, shoot me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I’ll send a sticker right back to you.

Five HTML5 stickers. Fun :).


  1. M Chasen

    I’d love to get one of these! HTML5 is really an amazing re-invention of HTML!

  2. FelipecomF Gac

    I’m from Chile. Can i Get one? :D

  3. koalafan

    I’d like to have one !!!

  4. Elliott Stocks

    I’d love some of these pwease =D

  5. Darkpingouin

    i’d love to have one of it there are so crazy !!!

  6. jbrad70

    I would like one :)

    • Tom McFarlin

      Yikes – looks like you’re #6 :). If it doesn’t work out for someone else, I’ll touch base with you!

  7. Wes Cole

    I’d like to have one as well!

    • Wes Cole

      I apparently mis-counted…#7. Sad day.

      • Tom McFarlin

        You’re next in line of two others can’t make it, though!

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