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Every now and then I’ll get an email or a tweet that asks me something about Comment Images – a plugin for WordPress that initially wrote sometime ago. The plugin is active on 6,000+ installs and has 4.7/5 rating so I’m generally happy with the reception of the plugin. Over time, however, I’ve become busier and […]

Comment Images

Earlier this week, I released a relatively significant update to Comment Images that introduced the ability to globally enable or disable comments on posts across the entire site. Since that release, I’ve received a couple of comments and several emails all of which were asking for a few minor improvements to the functionality so, late last […]

Comment Images

Last week, I had an interesting request for my Comment Images For WordPress plugin: I wanted to make the default DISABLE so I could turn it ON on the ones I need it, instead of having to go through 200 posts and turn it OFF on 190 posts, that’s all. But if that’s not possible […]

Late last night, I released Comment Images 1.8 along with two smaller updates to resolve any outstanding issues (some of which were already reported by users – so thanks for that!). Here’s a run down of everything that’s new in the last version of the plugin.

With the recent release of WordPress 3.5, I’ve spent some time updating my plugins to make sure they’re update to date with the latest version. Additionally, I’ve been trying to patch any outstanding bug, issues, and minor features before introducing anything new. Comment Images generally receives more questions and comments than any of my other […]

Comments are closed on this post. The official discussion thread can be found on the project’s post. Yesterday, I published another update to Comment Images For WordPress. This was a minor update, but it covered an issue that several users had contacted me about with regards to how images were rendering in their comment feed.

Comments are closed on this post. The official discussion thread can be found on the project’s post. I’ve received some great feedback from users who are using Comment Images For WordPress. Since its release, I’ve received a number of comments, emails, and quick notes about minor issues that users have had when using the plugin. […]

When I shared some of my thoughts on building Single Post Message, I received some good feedback via Twitter and Email from others who enjoyed reading about the work that went into building the plugin. Though my approach to this particular plugin is different than that of Single Post Message, I thought I’d do the […]

Comments have been closed on this post. Email me if you have any comments! Comment Images For WordPress is a plugin that – at the risk of sounding redundant! – allows readers to upload images to their comments. Ultimately, it gives your community the ability to share a single image or illustration to support whatever […]