With the recent release of WordPress 3.5, I’ve spent some time updating my plugins to make sure they’re update to date with the latest version. Additionally, I’ve been trying to patch any outstanding bug, issues, and minor features before introducing anything new.

Comment Images generally receives more questions and comments than any of my other plugins, so prior to introducing any major new features, I wanted to resolve a few outstanding issues.

Here’s a run down of the latest update to Comment Images for WordPress.

What’s New?

Properly Sized Images

Comment Images 1.6 with Properly Sized Images

Comment Images 1.6 with Properly Sized Images

By far, the most common question I have about adding images to comments is how to resize them to fit properly within the comment feed.

In this version, I’ve provided an update that – assuming that a theme follows mostly best practices – will make sure the image doesn’t overflow the content of the comment container.

Custom Stylesheets

The second new feature that I added was that of adding a custom.css file. This file is accessible via the ‘Editor’ option in the ‘Plugins’ menu and will allow users to more easily customize the display of the images should the default functionality not work out-of-the-box.

Additionally, custom.css while not be overwritten with upgrades. Here’s how it works:

  • If custom.css does not exist, then it will be created
  • Otherwise, if the file does exist, then it will be left alone

Simple enough, right?

Other Updates

In addition to this single new feature, I’ve also updated the following:

  • Verifying WordPress 3.5 support
  • Updating localization calls
  • Updating calls to play nicely with newer versions of PHP

Again, these are largely small updates to make sure the plugin is as compliant is as can be before introducing new features.

What’s Up Next?

Finally, the two largest feature requests are the following:

  • P2 Theme compatibility
  • Attaching the comment images to posts so they are available in the media uploader

For now, I’ll be working on implementing those new features. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments, feature requests, or questions on the project’s comment thread.

Since this post describes an update, comments are closed. I'd like to keep discussion on the the main project post.