Last week, I had an interesting request for my Comment Images For WordPress plugin:

I wanted to make the default DISABLE so I could turn it ON on the ones I need it, instead of having to go through 200 posts and turn it OFF on 190 posts, that’s all. But if that’s not possible I understand.

Truth be told, this is a scenario that I’ve never thought of, but if you’re someone with a blog who has hundreds (or even thousands) of posts, then being able to disable or enable the feature across the board makes sense.

A few versions ago, I released an update to the plugin that allowed users to toggle the plugin on and off on per post basis; however, the plugin is globally activated for all posts.

Thus, you have to click through each post to toggle the posts on which you want to remove it.

Serious pain point, right?

Comment Images 1.11.0

So in the latest version of Comment Images, I added a couple of new features – mainly UI elements – in addition to the ability to globally enable and disable comments, I also made sure that it played well with WordPress 3.6.

Comment Images 1.11.0

Specifically, this version includes the following updates;

  • Adding an option to disable/enable comments for all posts
  • Adding new user interface messages to guide users through the new options
  • Updated localization files

This particular plugin is one that I’ve enjoyed working on, and that I’ve received a lot of various requests in my inbox for one-off features, so I’m considering taking this one the premium support route whenever it hits 2.0.

But until then, enjoy the new features, keep the bug reports and feature requests coming, and I’ll do what I can to make this the best plugin that it can be.