For those of you who have been reading this blog for some time (and by some time, I mean years), then you’ve likely heard me mention Andy Adams.

I’ve talked about him in the previous posts:

Though we don’t work professionally together anymore, we’ve kept in touch, and I’m incredibly proud to share that he’s just released a book: Successful WordPress Freelancing.

Successful WordPress Freelancing

Succesful WordPress Freelancing

The premise of the book is simple:

WordPress experts are in demand. If you’re looking to build a stable & happy freelance business, WordPress is an excellent place to start.

And Andy goes on to cover some different topics such as:

  • Where do you find work?
  • How do you finish projects and get paid?
  • How do you build a sustainable business?

Furthermore, he continues to cover:

There are a lot of terrible WordPress projects. There are also lots of good ones – and if you’re willing to seek them out and do a good job, you can build a freelance career out of them.

On top of that, there are four WordPress developers who are profiled in the book all of whom work in their different nichés (myself included, full disclosure).

All of that said, you can read more about the book on its homepage.

A Note About Promoting The Book

For those who are curious, I don’t receive any royalties or anything like that from haring the information.

I’m simply doing this because I know and trust Andy and I think this is something that can be beneficial for those who are looking to start a successful WordPress freelancing business.

That said, you should be on this page. So check it out and grab a copy of Andy’s book. He’s done a stellar job with it.