Periodically, I talked about Pressware – what’s going on with the business, how I run it, and plans that I have for it.

For those who have been reading for some time, you know that I’ve teetered on the line of offering both products and services.

When establish your own business and work to make it, ahem, work, there’s a period in which undergo what it is that you love doing.

And I don’t mean what you enjoy doing. Nor do I mean what you can do to earn money. I mean what you love doing.

Sure, businesses need to earn money to be sustainable. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do so while trying to maximize the work that you enjoy doing above all else.

If you stay on this route, and you’re able to be successful, it becomes challenging to handle all involved tasks.

Remember: Businesses are more than creating things and getting paid for it.

  • There’s insurance to take care of
  • There’s benefits to take care of
  • There are budget to follow
  • There’s forecasting to handle
  • There are relationships to form
  • …and many more and so on.

Sure, I could go on and on about this aspect of the business, but why would I do that? It can be enlightening for some. Today, though, I’m happy to share that Pressware has grown by one.

Andy Adams and Pressware

Andy Adams and Pressware

Some of you reading this blog may now Andy from some of his most popular writing:

  1. The Future of WordPress is Paved with Money
  2. How to Talk Yourself into Charging More

Or from his blog.

Before venturing into self-employment, Andy also worked at The Theme Foundry. He was building some of the best themes available in the marketplace.

Since then, he’s branched out on his own. He offers Ruby on Rails development and WordPress performance consulting. For the last few months, has come to help me out with some great WordPress projects.

As a sidenote, his project management skills are fantastic.

Where Is Pressware Headed?

As it stands right now, Pressware is becoming an agency. This doesn’t mean we’ll never do products. That’s for a later phase. For now, we’re solving solutions for others.

To that end, I’m more than proud and more than excited to be working with Andy as we aim to continue to grow Pressware.

For now, we’re heads down working on several different jobs. I couldn’t be happier with the person working along side me.

I’m looking forward to 2016. We’re exploring some partnerships with other organizations so that we may continue to provide the best solutions possible.

For now though, please do welcome Andy to the team, don’t hesitate to follow him, and be sure to bookmark his blog. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or leave any comments below.