Talking About WordPress in High School

This past year, I’ve participated in a number of different meetups and speaking engagements all of which are oriented around blogging, WordPress, development, or something similar.

Generally speaking, I’ve enjoyed the events that I’ve attended. I always try to keep it really laid back (I make a lot of my presentations in Paper, even), and do what I can to make the events more of a discussion rather than a lecture.

For the most part, it goes well, but yesterday was a bit of a different audience: high school students.

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Recap: Introduction To and Advanced Topics on WordPress Plugins

Recap: Introduction To and Advanced Topics on WordPress Plugins

Photo credit to Teresa Rosche Ott

Last night, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Atlanta WordPress Users Group where we talked all about plugins. I had a killer time hanging out, meeting everyone, and participating in the discussions we had after each talk.

To recap, here are all of the WordPress plugin resources that I discussed, shared, and used during the meetup:

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Standard 3 Migration Meetup Recap

Last night, we hosted our Standard Theme Migration Meetup. We had a solid turnout – there was an even split of 50 or so people hanging out with us face-to-face and via the webcast.

During the meetup, John did a live migration of his blog over to Standard 3 showing everyone his process for how to safely update their blog and I discussed WordPress’ custom menu system, header images, header text, Standard’s header logo feature, and some of the other features built into the theme.

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Migrating To Standard 3

Getting Started with Standard 3

With the recent launch of Standard 3John – responsible for business development at 8BIT and a professional blogger – is going to be hosting a meetup later this month during which he’ll be providing some practical advice for aspiring and experienced bloggers for migrating to Standard 3.

This will be a great opportunity for anyone that’s looking to get started with blogging, update an existing installation of Standard, or looking to migrate over to Standard to have their questions asked.

Here’s what we have planned:

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