Standard 3 Migration Meetup Recap

Last night, we hosted our Standard Theme Migration Meetup. We had a solid turnout – there was an even split of 50 or so people hanging out with us face-to-face and via the webcast.

During the meetup, John did a live migration of his blog over to Standard 3 showing everyone his process for how to safely update their blog and I discussed WordPress’ custom menu system, header images, header text, Standard’s header logo feature, and some of the other features built into the theme.

As I shared during the meetup, you can download all of the assets that I used during my discussion.

This includes:

  • README documenting the high points of what was discussed
  • Example Data (provided by Automattic) that you can import into your WordPress installation
  • WordPress Importer Plugin which is used to import the example data
  • Images for use in both the WordPress Header feature and the Standard Logo feature

Here are a few photos from the meetup all snagged from Instagram:

Standard 3 Migration - Live Stream

Standard 3 Migration - Pre-meetup Meal

Standard 3 Migration - Jared and some attendees

Standard 3 Migration - Kevin and others

And finally, thanks a lot to The Work Spot for hosting. 8BIT uses this place for both co-working and for hosting meetups. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for somewhere to get work done.


Wish I was able to attend last night. Hopefully next meetup :)

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