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When I first got into WordPress development several years ago, I began experimenting with selling two premium plugins for approximately one year. During that time I learned a lot about what makes or breaks a successful plugin (and what kind of things can seriously drain you from a support perspective).

In fact, I eventually killed both of those projects off because I no longer had the desire to work on them, maintaining the support required more time than I currently had, and I had not really selected the best business model for selling them.

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time working on client projects, free projects, writing, speaking, and working to build other WordPress-based products.

For those who have been following this blog for some time, you know that I’ve been doing research on WordPress support systems, I’ve been working to rebrand my LLC, and I have been refocusing all of my efforts specifically on WordPress (and dropping support for other platforms, frameworks, etc.).

Today, I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently partnered with the guys at FooPlugins to release my first premium plugin in the past couple of years which makes adding PDFs to WordPress comments a breeze.

Adding PDFs To WordPress Comments

PDF Comments Homepage

Just as the landing page describes:

PDF Comments is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for readers to attach PDF files to their comments on blog posts and pages.

It’s a simple plugin, but this particular plugin has come out of a felt need from a number of different client projects that I’ve done, and I decided to productize the plugin with a few additional features.

Keeping It Simple

Out-of-the-box, version 1.0.0 offers the following:

  • The plugin just works. Activate and Go.
  • Respects hosting limitations by limiting the size of the upload to 10MB.
  • Uses both client-side and server-side validation to make every effort that only PDF files can be uploaded.
  • Built using the WordPress Coding Standards and the WordPress API to ensure that it’s as compliant with the latest versions of WordPress.
  • Survey your comments from within the WordPress Dashboard.

You guys know that I’m a fan of “a strong 1.0,” so this is just a starting point. I’m eager to hop into the support forums and begin working with customers to refine the product and make it even better.


The plugin is licensed under the GPL, but here’s the break down of what is offered:

  • Personal. $9. For use on a single-site.
  • Business. $15. For use on as many sites as you own.
  • Developer. $25. Everything above along with the CodeKit configuration file and all un-minified LESS files and JavaScript source.

And each license is valid for one year.

Easy enough to follow, right?

Purchase PDF Comments

Purchase PDF Comments

As previously mentioned, I’ve partnered with the guys at FooPlugins with this plugin. Though the guys don’t require any exclusivity, I’ve opted to exclusively sell the plugin through their marketplace for the time being.

With that said, you can purchase the plugin from the marketplace listing.