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I don’t know why I feel compelled to begin a post like this, but this is going to be a lengthy as it covers quite of a bit of the state of the culture of WordPress right now. As someone who loves the software, makes a living off of it, and tries to follow along with […]

Last week, I talked about when people claim that they are Getting Out of the WordPress Bubble and some of the perspectives others have when reading things like this. The flip side of this is that there are some people who are deeply ingrained within WordPress and who pour their day in and day out into the […]

For an upcoming project, Andy Adams and I are working to build [what I consider to be] a really cool site for a client. Details of the project aside, he and I had a really interesting conversation earlier this week the details of which I thought were worth sharing. Specifically, we talk about developer pragmatism and balancing work […]

This is one of those posts that’s driven by my own personal experience and nothing more. I know there are tons of books, articles, blogs, and probably even tweets that would disagree with what I’m going to share, but as someone who has worked for himself for the last half a decade or so, I figure […]

Every now again, someone who’s prolific, popular, and/or who has been involved with WordPress for a significant amount of time decides to share that they are “getting out of the WordPress bubble.” Generally speaking, when someone says this, they mean they’re branching out into other technologies, languages, tools, and so on in order to diversify […]

Generally speaking, I’ve no desire to get into the back and forth that’s happening right now (and that has been happening) regarding WordPress Menus and the Customizer, so I realize in writing this post that I need to tread carefully. To be clear, I’ve no interest in stating my opinion one way or the other on the […]

As far as WordPress-related news is concerned, I think that both Post Status and WP Tavern are two of the best places to get consistent reporting on a variety of topics that range anywhere from things for standard end-users through things with designers and developers. I’m not really a fan of doing any type of […]

Up to this point, a fair amount of work has been done in terms of introducing Google Maps in WordPress: Twentyfifteen is setup to communicate with the Google Maps API A map is being displayed in a custom template There are two markers that are placed on the map Each marker has its own InfoWindow […]

One of the nicest things about the markers in Google Maps is the information that we can get whenever we click on them; however, up until this point, our implementation of Google Maps in WordPress doesn’t display anything when you click on the marker. For those who have tried, you know it doesn’t actually do anything. But […]

In the previous post, we added our first map to the template that we’ve been working on throughout this series. Through a third-party tool, we ended up getting the latitude and longitude of a city in order to center the map, and though we still have refactoring that we’ll need to do, we successfully displayed the […]

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