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This is something that’s probably true of almost any industry, but when you read enough WordPress-based tweets, blogs, and so on, you start to notice a pattern: Someone releases a project – it could be a theme, it could be a plugin, it could be a site that’s aiming to cover some aspect of anything involving […]

The older we get or the more experienced we get in the field in which we work, the more knowledge and wisdom we [hopefully] accumulate. During any given work day, one of the things that I occasionally find myself thinking about is: If I could go back and tell myself [about a certain aspect of […]

An F'n Mess

When drafting blog posts, I try not to single out particular tweets or comments unless they’re helpful or resourceful. There are times, though, thoughts are shared either via tweets, emails, and/or blog comments that may be intended to be critical, but end up being really useful and end up proving exactly what we’ve been discussing all […]

Are You An Expert?

Yesterday, I shared some thoughts on what I consider to be some qualifications to be a WordPress developer. The list and the post itself were by no means exhaustive, though I appreciated a lot of the comments and emails I received – there were some really good thoughts that came from the readership. I think […]

What's a WordPress Developer?

Over the past few years, the number one thing that I hear from many clients goes something like this: Our previous developer has gone AWOL on us and our project isn’t complete. What a total bummer, right? I mean, as far as the client is concerned, they’ve [likely] paid out money to someone in order to […]

Julie Kuehl

There’s a lot that can be said – both good and bad – as it relates to those who work within the confines of WordPress. Sure, there are those who spend our days building things for others and who don’t generally converse with the rest of us via whatever social network we prefer, but there’s also […]

Call Me Maybe

Yesterday, I was chatting with a fellow WordPress developer and, as we were reviewing some code, we came across the use of maybe_unserialize. You can read more about it in the Codex, but the short of it is this: Unserialize value only if it was serialized. Seems a little odd, doesn’t it? I mean, shouldn’t we know […]

Source Code

As programmers, one of the things that we often hear is how we need to expose ourselves to other languages and environments in order to become more diversified in our experience. Or maybe it’s presented in a way that says we need to get to know other environments so we don’t get stale in the areas […]


Remember when operating systems came out and the big feature that they touted was their ability to offer a “true multitasking experience” or something along those lines? I mean, this happened within the last 20 years, give-or-take, so it wasn’t that long ago. But if you ever used a machine prior that did not allow for multitasking, then […]

Expand The Blog

According to Jetpack, I officially started working on this site back in December 2012. To be clear, this is not my first blog nor is it my first attempt at this particular domain, but December 2012 marks when I first began to get really serious about blogging. And by “serious about blogging” I mean having […]