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Earlier this week, I released WP Audio Player – a simple plugin that makes it easy to embed audio files into your WordPress posts.

The plugin was graciously evaluated by Pippin Williamson on his personal blog, and several people on Twitter asked that I place the plugin on GitHub so that they can contribute.

As much as I am a fan of the open source model, I’ve never actually placed any of my plugins on GitHub – I just stick with the Subversion repository and managed bug reports and feature requests as they come in.

But I thought placing WP Audio Player on GitHub would be a fun – it’s helped my Boilerplates, so I figured it’d bode well for this plugin, too.

The WP Audio Player GitHub Repository

WP Audio Player on GitHub
The WP Audio Player GitHub Page

Ultimately, my vision for this plugin is that it would be the best audio player plugin available for WordPress. The thing is, I can’t do it alone so I’d love as many contributions from you guys as possible.

That said, I’m strongly opinionated when it comes to adding features to plugins (and not just mine, either). I’m opposed to bloat and believe that plugins – and applications, even – should serve their core purpose well.

So please note:

The purpose of the WP Audio Player plugin is make it as easy as possible to embed audio into your post, pages, and custom post types.

I’m not interested in adding features just because they are cool or they might be neat. I want to enhance the user’s experience with WordPress and streamline the process of including audio.

If you’re up for the contributions, then please contribute! I appreciate:

Don’t forget to add your name to the credits, I’ll remove the donate link since this is a collective effort, and we’ll be sure to make this thing awesome.

Oh, and please share the repository via Twitter and/or your personal blog, either. Let’s get some good developers on this!

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  1. I offer the following in the spirit of your mission to create the best possible audio player for WordPress. Since I developed websites for radio stations, and am myself a radio guy, I really want you to succeed!

    I could not get your plug-in to work. When activated, it did not show up in the “Settings” menu, and, while it did insert the player in the post, the audio showed 0:00 time and would not play.

    I checked out the audio player suggested in one of the other comments, mb.miniAudioPlayer, and it worked as advertised. It’s a little closer to “ideal,” in that you do not have to do any copying and pasting – just insert the media into your post as a link to the audio file and it automatically displays the player – and it plays as it should.

    But really, the audio player to beat is the one that was developed by Martin Laine some years ago, and no longer works with current versions of WP. What’s good about that player is that there is a button right on the Insert Media screen that inserts the player and links it to the audio file automatically. (You can still download it and look at what it does, it just doesn’t work.)

    Good luck; I wish I could code and could contribute to the effort, but I hope my comments will be of some use.

    Jay Mitchell

    1. Jay,

      I dig this kind of feedback (though I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the plugin).

      In order to help, tell me this: Is the MP3 file hosted on the same server as your blog, or did you have them in separate locations?

      Let me know what all you did – I’d love to ticket this and try to have it resolved, if possible :).

      1. Tom,

        Thanks for the reply. I uploaded the audio file through WordPress, so it went into the usual uploads directory. (I have it set so that all media dump into the same folder, rather than being divided into months and years.)

        I installed the plug-in under different website entirely, one using the basic 2012 theme, and I encountered the same difficulty. it doesn’t look like your plug-in is finding my file.

        I tried viewing the page in both Firefox and Chrome and had the same result.

        I was able to access the MP3 file directly through my browser pointing to the URL given in the Add Media panel – the same URL I entered in the meta-box to invoke the player – http://pathsrevealed.com/wp-content/uploads/Zevon-Warren-Werewolves-of-London-RING.mp3.

        I hope this helps.



        PS: As I told you, I like that other player okay, but it turns out to have one major drawback: on any page where an excerpt of the post is displayed, and the audio is within the excerpt scope, it just displays the filename with no link and no player. (I could live with it displaying either the player or nothing.)

        1. Jay – thanks for the heads up.

          Based on what you’ve shared, it sounds like you’re doing everything right:

          – Upload the audio via the Media Uploader
          – Make sure it’s not on a CDN and that it lives on your server
          – Copy the URL to the MP3
          – Paste the file into the featured audio box

          The best that I can offer right now is to ticket this and see if we can’t get it resolved in a future release.

  2. I too am new at this, and feel I’m missing some instructions somewhere. I have some sound clips at abigailkarr.com/sounds but wanted them to be playable on iphone or ipad so I tried this one. (Yes, I did deactivate the old player and activate the new one before trying.) How could I convert these to your player, i.e. what would the code look like? Thanks!

    1. Hey Abby – the player should work on an iPhone or iPad (I just tested it myself).

      The plugin expects files to be in the format of .mp3 and that the path that you provide should be the full URL to the song. For example, the URL should be http://abigailkarr.com/sounds/sound.mp3.

      If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll add a ticket to see about getting this resolved in the next release.

  3. Hi Tom – after trying some plugins which don’t work with WP3.5 I was delighted to find this which works perfectly. Just a quick question and sorry if missed it above, I assume there is no way to post content such that the audio file appears at the top of the post rather than bottom?


    1. Heya Richard,

      In the current version there is not, but I’m adding this as a feature to incorporate in a future version. As soon as it’s live, your plugin dashboard will notify you of the update.

      Thanks for the heads up – love hearing from happy users!

  4. The audio player appears below post . Is there a way to place it on top ?
    A lot of other plugins such as Author Box, Social Share are showing above the player – which makes the page look weird…
    Even if you could advice where I would need to alter the code I’d Appreciate it

    1. Right now, the audio player can only appear below the post. I have several feature requests where users have asked if they can place it anywhere they’d like, so I’ll likely have this feature in the next version.

      In the meantime, there’s not much else to offer.

      The placement of the audio player has to do with the way the theme is rendering the content. I can provide support for this and some possible suggestions for how to change it, but this usually falls under support so if you’re interested, shoot me a note at this page.

    1. Yes — since oEmbed support is baked into WordPress core so that dropping links to audio into a post automatically generates a player, there’s no need for this particular plugin.

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