Earlier this week, I released WP Audio Player – a simple plugin that makes it easy to embed audio files into your WordPress posts.

The plugin was graciously evaluated by Pippin Williamson on his personal blog, and several people on Twitter asked that I place the plugin on GitHub so that they can contribute.

As much as I am a fan of the open source model, I’ve never actually placed any of my plugins on GitHub – I just stick with the Subversion repository and managed bug reports and feature requests as they come in.

But I thought placing WP Audio Player on GitHub would be a fun – it’s helped my Boilerplates, so I figured it’d bode well for this plugin, too.

The WP Audio Player GitHub Repository

WP Audio Player on GitHub

The WP Audio Player GitHub Page

Ultimately, my vision for this plugin is that it would be the best audio player plugin available for WordPress. The thing is, I can’t do it alone so I’d love as many contributions from you guys as possible.

That said, I’m strongly opinionated when it comes to adding features to plugins (and not just mine, either). I’m opposed to bloat and believe that plugins – and applications, even – should serve their core purpose well.

So please note:

The purpose of the WP Audio Player plugin is make it as easy as possible to embed audio into your post, pages, and custom post types.

I’m not interested in adding features just because they are cool or they might be neat. I want to enhance the user’s experience with WordPress and streamline the process of including audio.

If you’re up for the contributions, then please contribute! I appreciate:

Don’t forget to add your name to the credits, I’ll remove the donate link since this is a collective effort, and we’ll be sure to make this thing awesome.

Oh, and please share the repository via Twitter and/or your personal blog, either. Let’s get some good developers on this!