Retiring WP Audio Player For WordPress

Audio Player For WordPress

With the recent release of WordPress 3.6 and its built-in support for audio files, I’m opting to to halt development on WP Audio Player for WordPress plugin.

WP Audio Player For WordPress

Here’s the thing: This has nothing to do with WordPress folding something into core that was once available via plugins and putting a plugin “out of business.”

Mostly, it has to do with my personal preferences and opinion behind the core libraries used in WordPress 3.6.

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A Status Update on WP Audio Player

A few months ago, I released WP Audio Player and it has it has since received a decent number of downloads, feature requests, and other feedback.

WP Audio Player

In fact, it’s rare that a week goes by where someone doesn’t shoot me an email asking about how to do something with the plugin, how to introduce their own features, and so on.

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How I’ve Been Using GitHub For WP Audio Player

Using GitHub For WP Audio Player

For many, the nicest thing about GitHub is not just the open source nature of the site, but the social aspects of the site. And although I admit I’m not particularly fond of following my friends on yet-another-network, I do enjoy following the status of projects and being able to monitor them.

This morning, I spent some time cleaning up the issues that have rolled in for WP Audio Player. Granted, there aren’t many, but I want to make sure that there’s some organized vision, scope, and plan for the project.

As such, I thought I’d share my method for scoping issues, requests, and bugs as well as how I organize milestones while using GitHub for WP Audio Player.

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WP Audio Player Plugin 1.4 Now Available

WP Audio Player – my plugin for easily embedding audio in your WordPress posts (and the first plugin I’ve ever open sourced on GitHub) just received a major update.

WP Audio Player

Though can read all about the updates on the plugin homepage, I thought I’d share some of the updates that went into this particular release, specifically from a developer’s perspective.

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WP Audio Player Now on GitHub

It's dangerous to go alone - take this!

Earlier this week, I released WP Audio Player – a simple plugin that makes it easy to embed audio files into your WordPress posts.

The plugin was graciously evaluated by Pippin Williamson on his personal blog, and several people on Twitter asked that I place the plugin on GitHub so that they can contribute.

As much as I am a fan of the open source model, I’ve never actually placed any of my plugins on GitHub – I just stick with the Subversion repository and managed bug reports and feature requests as they come in.

But I thought placing WP Audio Player on GitHub would be a fun – it’s helped my Boilerplates, so I figured it’d bode well for this plugin, too.

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