When it comes to building things for WordPress, one of the things that I enjoy most is building plugins.

Sure, themes are fun and I dig the functionality that they bring, but because themes often require a significant time in design – a weakness of mine – and plugins are more oriented to adding extesibility and functionality – more or less a strength of mine – I’m more partial to it.

I spend a lot of time talking about how to do certain things with WordPress, viewing it as an application framework, and trying to provide scaffolding for projects – be it plugins or functions – but one thing that I’ve never done is actually provide a solid tutorial on my process for building plugins.

In my first premium screencast for Envato, I do exactly that.

Advanced WordPress Plugin Development – A Miniseries

Advanced WordPress Plugin Development

The premium course for Advanced WordPress Plugin Development.

Apparently, I’m all about the miniseries these days. Not sure how that has happened, but suffice it to say that this course clocks in are four episodes and will walk intermediate developers through a process of advanced plugin development.

The episodes include:

  1. An Introduction To The Course
  2. Stubbing Out The Plugin
  3. Adding a Single Tweet to a Comment
  4. Introducing Support For Multiple Tweets

For those of you who have seen (or used) my Comment Tweets plugin, then you’ll notice that this is where development for the plugin was started.

To access the screencast, be sure to join TutsPlus and then checkout the course.

I’ll have a second course available soon – it’s significantly longer, aimed towards beginners, and covers the topics of plugin development, LESS, JSLint, in more and great detail.