Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 2: Generating and Collecting Ideas

I released the first episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast last week in which I offered some advice on how to find your niche in blogging and then how to go very narrow within said niche.

In keeping consistent with the previous podcast, this isn’t a “For Dummies” style of podcast, nor is it meant to be prescriptive. This is simply what I’ve found to work over the past couple of years of blogging, and what I’ve seen work for a few of my peers.

I can’t guarantee any type of success (especially since success looks different to each of us), but hopefully there’s some useful information in how to extract your own ideas for generating a backlog of content for your blog.

Episode 2 – Generating and Collecting Ideas

In this podcast, I share my process and strategies for how I generate ideas, collect ideas, and create a backlog of posts so that I can consistently publish even on days when it feels a bit more like a chore.

Show Notes

  • Remember that the purpose of this podcast is to answer questions I’ve received and to provide some information on how I manage my own blog
  • There are six areas from which I pull inspiration for blog posts:
    1. Opinions
    2. Learning From Projects
    3. Blogs, Articles, Tweets, Status Updates, and More.
    4. The Radio, Music, Television, and More
    5. Other Languages, Platforms, and More
    6. Inspiration From Other Sites
  • I keep track of my ideas using several different methods:
    1. Voice Notes
    2. Text Messages
    3. Emails
    4. Evernote
    5. Notecards
  • Writing is a lot like a muscle – the more you do, the stronger it becomes.
  • In the next episode, I’ll talk about how to find time to write during your schedule.

On Feedback

If you’ve been listening to the podcasts and have any addition questions or comments, note that I’m paying attention to comments, emails, and tweets to include in future podcasts – especially the last podcast – so keep ’em coming.

Download or Listen

You can grab a copy or listen in your browser using the player below. The podcast clocks in at 13 minutes even, so I’ve tried to keep it succinct which is what I’m aiming to do for each episode in the series.

4 Replies to “Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 2: Generating and Collecting Ideas”

      1. What does that make me, second or third?

        There’s no better excuse for procrastination than “selecting the right tools for the job”. Using anything for collecting ideas is better than figuring out what to use.

        I see there’s one recurring theme in all “how to blog” posts, not just yours, but in general – “marathon, not a sprint”, or “writing is like a muscle” in this one. If I wasn’t running regularly, I’d hate the example, but I can relate to it and it couldn’t be more true.

        As someone who’s just starting to write regularly (for the fifth time, I think), there’s one thing that’s been very helpful. You need to be extremely specific with your goals.

        About a year ago, my goal was to “write more (quantity to be defined)”. Yeah, that’s exactly what I wrote in Wunderlist, not proud of it. Failed miserably. Then six months ago – “write for a few hours each week”. Mostly failed, but it wasn’t THAT bad.

        Now it’s “write from 5:20 AM till 6:40 AM each day”, and so far so good. It’s so much easier when goals are as specific as possible.

        P.S. I know majority of this comment would be a better fit for next episode, but hopefully it helps. Anyway, it’s your fault for using that “writing is like a muscle” analogy here :)

        1. You’re right! I’m actually talking about exactly this in the next episode :).

          Specifically, I talk about scheduling your time for blogging and what it looks like for different people. Anyway, I’m also a runner which is why I actually used that analogy – it seemed natural, you know?

          It just takes time and you can’t force it. If you find yourself forcing content to write about, then you probably aren’t writing about what’s the best topic for you to cover.

          Just a thought – hopefully the next episode will help!

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