At the time of this post, Issue 0 of the More Code Newsletter has been sent. If you’ve not signed up, be sure to check it out. This particular series will continue, but will include slightly less content than the newsletter.

  • Masha is a JavaScript application that makes it easy to mark and share interesting parts of a web page and share it. It’s easy to drop on your own site, too.
  • Initializr is an HTML5 Template Generator that provides a responsive boilerplate for your HTML5 projects. For those that prefer the base level of functionality, the site generates a simple one page template. It also provides advanced template creation.
  • UIParade currently has a killer UI Toolkit for $8. It includes icons, backgrounds, glyphs, photos, etc. Worth it for web-based applications or sites.
  • If you’re new to HTML5 or looking to take a deeper dive with it, reading Nettuts guide on HTML5 Multimedia and Accessibility is worth a read, especially for those of you building sites and applications targeting specific audiences.
  • For those of you that do a lot of client-side development (especially with JavaScript and JSON), check out Tmpltr. Similar to JSFiddle, it provides a way to tinker with templates, JSON, HTML, and binding it all together.
  • Scrollorama is a jQuery plugin that provides a variety of effects for scrolling content. Much easier for you to check it out than for me to try to explain it.
  • For those of you that have set aside 2012 to learn to code, check out Code Year. It’ll help keep you honest with your resolution.

Hope you guys had a killer holiday – on to the new year!