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Pokki, Free Fonts, Growl in HTML5, JSDev, and More

At the time of running this post, this week’s Newsletter has dropped.  It includes more articles, tutorials, etc. Here are some of the resources:

  • jQuery.mentionsInput is a plugin that makes it easy to introduce the ability to “@mention” someone within the context of your web application exactly like you would if you were on Twitter or Facebok.
  • Pokki is a platform for creating desktop applications using the standard web-based programming languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).
  • A collection free fonts provided by Smashing Magazine. These are always good especially if your design-handicapped.
  • Ingredients is an application for offline viewing of Apple’s Cocoa documentation.
  • Impress.js is a JavaScript-based presentation tool that borrows heavily from Prezzi. A cool alternative to, ahem, PowerPoint for your next presentation.
  • jQuery UI Bootstrap takes the Twitter Bootstrap libraries and applies them to jQuery UI widgets. Exceptional resource for client-side developers looking for clean interfaces.
  • Color Thief is a great tool for pulling the dominate colors out of an image. Utilities like this are especially useful when you’re looking to put together a pallete for a design.
  • JSDev is a new utility by Douglas Crockford for activating selected comments and making them executable. You can read more about the application on his Google+ Post.

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  1. Brian Notess

    So the question is, where can you NOT implement twss.js?

    • Tom

      Approximately never, I think.

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