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Updating Atom and the WordPress Coding Standards

For those who have read my Atom and WordPress Coding Standards post, then you should have everything you need when it comes to setting up the editor to evaluate your code with the WordPress Coding Standards.

Recently, though, the 0.10.0 release of the coding standards were published on GitHub, and it brings a lot of changes.

Atom and the WordPress Coding Standards

If you’re looking to begin upgrading to this new change, there’re a few caveats that you may experience when working with Atom and the WordPress Coding Standards.

They’re easy to address, though.

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Why I Changed From Coda To Atom

Not long ago, I made the change from Coda to Atom though I never actually talked about the reasons behind this decision. Then, Bjarni sent me the following tweet a few weeks ago:

I’ll talk about the transition from MAMP to Pressmatic in a future post. In this post, I’m going to focus on the reasons and my thoughts on changing from Coda to Atom as it stands right now.

And for those who love a good software holy war, this is not the post fo rit.

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Generating DocBlocks in Atom

One of the things that I like about using Atom is that you’re really able to make the editor your own through its settings, packages, themes, and so on.

It’s not altogether different from WordPress, right? Sorry. That’s like some sort of shameless promotion or something.

Back to the point: One of the features I’ve missed when coming from another IDE is the ability have the automatic generation of DocBlocks.

And that’s where Docblockr comes into play.

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Using PHP CodeSniffer with Pressmatic and Atom

Regarding my development environment, this is the first year that I’ve made drastic changes to my toolset in several years (once I find things I really like, I tend to stick with them).

Atom Packages for WordPress

Case in point, in the last few months alone:

And with these changes come some other necessary configuration changes. Specifically, I still use PHP CodeSniffer but, out of necessity, its setup and configuration have changed.

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Syncing Atom Settings Between Computers

Syncing Atom settings between multiple machines is useful in that you’re able to maintain all of your packages, settings, and so on regardless of the machine you’re on.

And yes, I’ve been talking about Atom a bit more as of late. I’m clearly a fan. But that’s evident, right?

If you maintain more than one machine, then it’s usually nice to have the same development environment configured between the two of them.

Here’s a method for syncing Atom’s settings between though it does assume you use Dropbox. If not, any service you use for sharing files can be used, but your actual steps will vary.

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