Scheduled Post Shortcut for WordPress is officially available in the WordPress Plugin Repository and is the second plugin that’s officially available via Pressware.

A few months ago, Easier Excerpts was a plugin that was released to help make it just a little bit easier to manage excerpts when composing blog posts.

Scheduled Post Shortcut is another plugin that attempts to stay in the same vein of simplicity while also making it easier to streamline the publishing process.

But what does that mean and what’s the story behind the plugin?

Scheduled Post Shortcut

Scheduled Post Shortcut

As the plugin homepage says:

Easily access your scheduled posts from the WordPress dashboard and with keyboard shortcuts.

This should be straightforward enough, how does this help streamline the actual process of blogging?

Streamlining the Process

For those who regularly blog (whatever that might mean for you), the process of scheduling posts for future dates is something you’re likely doing on a consistent basis.

Depending on how far out you schedule your posts or how far out you want to manage your posts, you likely have to hop into the Scheduled page to work with said posts.

To do this, you have to navigate to All Posts and then click on Scheduled and then manage the posts from there. Painful? Not exactly. Tedious? A little bit.

Let’s Make This a Little Easier

So to help streamline the entire process, the plugin introduces a new submenu item to the Posts menu. When you click on the submenu item, you’re taken directly to the Scheduled Posts page.

Scheduled Post Shortcut Screenshot

An example of the Scheduled new menu item.

When there are scheduled posts, the number of scheduled posts will show up as a number beside the menu item. If there are no scheduled posts, then the number will not appear.

Furthermore, if you’re anywhere in the WordPress admin, you have the ability to navigate directly to the Scheduled Posts page by using a keyboard shortcut.

  • If you’re on OS X or *nix, then you can enter SHIFT + CMD + S + →
  • If you’re on Windows, then you can enter SHIFT + CTRL + S + →

Between keyboard shortcuts and the addition of a submenu item, this should help make working with scheduled posts a little bit easier.

For Developers

As with Easier Excerpts, this plugin is:

  • internationalized and ready for translation,
  • includes a set of unit tests (along with instructions for how to set them up) when you’re running this on your local machine,
  • and follows the WordPress Coding Standards

And this is the standard we aim to follow for all of the tools we plan to release.

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to work on the next plugin which, as of now, is going to be an improvement on Single Post Message.

In a broader scope, the suite of plugins that we’re developing is going to be something targeting a larger project that we’re looking to begin working on in the next couple of months.

Naturally, I’ll talk about it more here once it’s a bit more developed; however, if you’re someone who’s looking to continue streamlining your blogging process, be sure to check out Scheduled Post Shortcut.