In all of the time I’ve worked for myself, I’ve only attempted to print a Pressware shirt once. Even then, I placed an order for about 20 or so (and they were mainly used to give to friends and family).

Pressware Shirts

For 2016, I’d love to change that so for the first time, I’m holding a TeeSpring Campaign where I’m having some shirts printed up. At the time of this writing, the minimum order has already been fulfilled (which is really humbling); however, I wanted to let everyone know about this.

The only goal isn’t just to have some shirts made, though. It’s to help promote you, your work, or whatever cause you’d like mentioned here on this blog.

Pressware Shirts For Press

Yeah, so that heading is cheesy. It makes me squirm because it reads like a bad campaign slogan.


First, here are the details about the shirt. Straight from the Tt-shirt’s page:

Despite the years in business and time spent blogging, building solutions for clients, and working to contribute to open source, I’ve never actually created t-shirts for my company.

For the new year, I thought why not go ahead and try to do something about that? It should look good at WordCamps and anywhere else you opt to wear it.

It’s succinct, but it’s the truth. The shirts are simple, but that’s how I like them.

Of course, this raises the question of what’s the ‘Press’ part of all of this? That is, what’s in it for you? So I’m a fan of trying to get the word out about other people’s projects, their needs, and so on. The way I see it, why not continue the trend with something like this?

Here’s what I’m getting at:

For everyone who purchases a shirt, I’ll draft up a post that mentions each of you, links to your Twitter profile and/or your website, and includes a short message about whatever product, service, or campaign that you’d like.

The deadline for this is January 14th. And even if it’s a bust, that’s totally fine.

After all, maybe I could pick up a job on the side where I come up with bad campaign political slogans, right? Or maybe I could start Presswear.

Just a thought :).