Pressware Plugins is something that I’ve been talking about in a few different posts before this one. I’ve spoken of the project in the following posts:

And I’ve also talked about the first, free plugin we’ve launched: Easier Excerpts.

As of today, Eric and I have officially launched the Pressware Plugins storefront, so I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about what the purpose of the project is, what you can expect, and what’s in the pipeline of work.

Pressware Plugins

Although people use WordPress for a variety of different purposes (which is a good thing), it was and still is used as a blogging platform (and one that I clearly like).

For those who blog monthly, weekly, daily, whenever inspiration hits, and so on, then there’s likely a few things about your workflow or process that feel a little bit tedious. The plugins that we’re working on aren’t aimed to transform WordPress. Instead, we’re trying to streamline the drafting and publishing process.

Pressware Plugins

Having written some different types of posts for several years now, I have my workflow down, and there are some things that I end up doing for each post I write. Doing stuff for every single post becomes a bit of a chore, so I hacked together a few plugins to help make the daily grind a little bit easier.

After talking with Eric, a friend, and another regular blogger, it became apparent that there are a few things that we all do – some the same, some different – when drafting our posts.

And that’s what our plugins are all about: Taking the tedious nature out of rote tasks that we perform each day. Or perhaps another way of thinking about it is aiming to create a better blogging experience.


Pressware Plugins is going to be releasing some free and premium plugins. The free plugins will be published via the WordPress Plugin Repository (like Easier Excerpts) whereas the premium plugins will be released on our website and available for purchase.

We’ve taken some time to deliberate setup the site and its associated Twitter account to handle the following:

  • The blog will be used to talk about various things we’re working on as well as speak of any critical information related to the projects.
  • Docs include all information about plugins, how to install them, and how to use them on your blog as well as links to other support channels.
  • FAQs aim to provide answers to standard questions about any of the given projects.
  • We have a support desk specifically for our paid products. Free products aren’t guaranteed any support.
  • Each customer will have their account in which they can manage their purchases, licenses, and so on.
  • The Twitter account is not for support. Instead, it’s how we share information from our site and occasionally chat with those of you who are interested in what we’re doing.
  • We will be sharing some of our work on GitHub though at the time of this writing that has yet to be setup.

And I’m sure there will be more to share as the site continues to evolve and our product offering continues to grow.

Upcoming Projects

Speaking of our product offering, we have a significant backlog of projects that we’re working to complete. At the time of this writing, the next plugin we’re working on is a premium version of the Title Capitalization plugin that I’ve had available for some time.

Title Capitalization for WordPress

This particular version is going to fix some outstanding bugs that existing in the current plugin, it’s going to offer some different features, and will have some options particularly useful to bloggers who have hundreds (or even thousands) of posts.

Anything Else?

For now, there’s not much else to share. We’d greatly appreciate any support you all have for the site. If you use anything we’ve published, please be sure to rate it in the WordPress Plugin Repository, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Other than that, we’re stoked the storefront is finally live. Now, though, we’re looking forward to getting to work on our next project.