Pressware Plugins is something that I talked about at length a few weeks ago.

Pressware Plugins For a Better Blogging Experience

Maybe this goes on too much promotion for it, but we’re finally getting ready to launch the site – I’m excited – and I want to make sure that I’ve taken all available opportunities to share things on which we’ve been working.

The short of it is this:

We’re going to be launching the site later this week, and we’re going to be contacting everyone who has subscribed to the mailing list about it first.

If you’re interested, head over to the site and sign up.

Pressware Plugins (And The First Plugin)

In the original post, I mentioned many of the main things that we’re aiming to cover. If you missed it, you can catch-up on it the previous post, but for those who are short on time you can get the gist of it from this:

Ultimately, imagine a suite of tools that would allow you to continue what you’ve been doing for days, weeks, months, or years but would help you be more efficient at actually doing it.

Let’s say you’re a blogger of any type – monthly, weekly, daily, or whatever – then the goal is to have a suite of tools available that will help streamline your blogging process.

Each person’s workflow is different than any other person’s workflow As such, no comprehensive tool can take care of each individual’s needs; otherwise, you end up with a huge piece of software that feels more bloated than anything.

We’ve seen this play out in other software before. That’s not our goal, though.

Instead, we want small plugins that are highly-focused on streamlining a particular task. From there, you can put together your set of tools that fit the workflow that’s unique to you.

Before launching the site, we’ll be contacting those on the mailing list first. We’ll give them a heads up on the first plugin we’re launching and information on what else is in the pipeline.

So if you’re interested, sign up. We’ll be in touch soon; otherwise, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing (and I’m surprised you read this far :).