When it comes to drafting and editing posts, one of the things that I often have to refer to is how to properly capitalize certain headings. I’d figure after this long, I’d actually have all of the rules memorized, but apparently that’s not the case (no pun intended :).

Anyway, in order to help with this, I was using a third-party tool for double-checking proper capitalization of post titles and heading elements. But, over time, that became a bit tedious so I created a small plugin to automatically and properly capitalize post titles and the heading elements of post content.

Stretching myself as creatively as possible, I’ve opted to call the plugin Title Capitalization for WordPress.

Title Capitalization for WordPress

As stated in the project’s README:

Properly capitalizes post titles and heading elements in the post content.

Easy enough.

Title Capitalization for WordPress

The plugin works like this:

  • When activated, the plugin will process the post title and post content whenever a post is saved as a draft, published, or updated.
  • The post title and content will be saved to the database replacing whatever was previously written (so changes cannot be rolled back).
  • Note that the plugin does not update previously written posts unless you go back and update them.

Anyway, this is something largely written for myself; however, it’s available on GitHub with the usual README file for how to download and install it. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with Andy Fragen’s GitHub Updater so if you’d like to keep up with updates, then be sure to install it, as well.

Finally (and thanks to open source), this plugin has also been made possible by the work of several other developers.


For more information, check out the GitHub page or download the latest version of the plugin.