Last week, I talked about The Grumpy Developer podcast, what it’s about, and why I like it. For those who didn’t read the post or who just happen to be stumbling across this page, here’s the gist of the podcast:

If you’re a designer or project manager, you can consider me your friendly developer translator. I’m here to help you bypass the Grumpy Developer Syndrome and achieve a happy transition from design to launch. If you’re a developer…well…you’re welcome. Let’s all celebrate a departure from Happy Designer Land to a world where design-dev-project managers can all get along.

Sounds fun, right?

Featured on The Grumpy Developer Podcast

In the latest episode, I had a chance to chat with Mike about a number of different topics.

The Grumpy Developer Podcast

Throughout the course of the show, I talk about a number of different topics some of which include:

  • How I got into computing
  • My history on the Internet (from Prodigy to AOL and more)
  • The frustration and gratification of problem-solving via programming
  • My experience with WordPress and building things for other people
  • Self-employment
  • Dev Practices
  • …and more

Who knows – maybe some of the stuff I share with resonate with others, maybe it’s just a little too random (I mean, AOL and proggies? :).

Regardless, I had a lot of fun on the show, and hopefully you enjoy listening to it (if you opt to do so, of course :). Mike and I enjoyed recording the episode so much that we’re planning to do a second episode of the podcast later this year.

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