A couple of weeks ago, I received an email about a new podcast that was starting called The Grumpy Developer. The name caught my attention so I opted to follow-up with the email and to check it out.

The Grumpy Developer

As far as podcasts go, I enjoy listening to them but I listen to very few – for me, if I have too many I end up declaring bankruptcy on my backlog more than I actually end up listening to those to which I’m subscribed.

That’s not a fun feeling, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

So anyway, I gave The Grumpy Developer podcast a listen and really enjoy what I heard through the first few podcasts.

Why The Grumpy Developer?

Straight from the website, the podcast is all about the following:

If you’re a designer or project manager, you can consider me your friendly developer translator. I’m here to help you bypass the Grumpy Developer Syndrome and achieve a happy transition from design to launch. If you’re a developer…well…you’re welcome. Let’s all celebrate a departure from Happy Designer Land to a world where design-dev-project managers can all get along.

And I dig that it.

It’s long enough to listen to when driving from place to place or when you’re out for a short run or a short walk, but it’s not so long that you lose interest from the beginning to end.

That is, there’s not a lot of rambling. It’s focused conversation based on a few direct questions and answers from experienced people in our field.

The Grumpy Developer on iTunes

The Grumpy Developer on iTunes

Mike is a super amiable host who does a great job asking interesting questions and fostering fun, interesting conversation.

But even more so than that, the variety of guests that have been on the show thus far – project managers, developers, and designers – all bring an interesting perspective to the table and it helps to make the conversation thought-provoking (if not applicable) to those of us involved in the industry.

Anyway, I don’t often share the kinds of things I’m listening to in terms of podcasts, but eight episodes into this podcast and I’m enjoying it.

I think it brings some interesting material to the table and it’s something that we can all at least think about, if even if we disagree with some of the points made, so we can move on from being – I dunno – less grumpy about some of the work that we do, and do a better job of working with project managers, designers, clients, and so on.

For those who are suspicious, despite the fact that this post sounds like a sales pitch, it’s not. It’s a podcast I dig and thought it worth sharing. Check it out.