More Code Newsletter

The eighth issue of the More Code Newsletter just went out. Here’s a run down of some of the articles that were included in this issue:

  • Mobile Tuxedo is a website that compiles a massive amount of resources that are useful for mobile development. This includes articles, resources, patterns, and more.
  • Trajectory is actually an application but looks promising, nonetheless. Specifically, Trajectory aims to make it easier to get a hold around your project using user stories, bug tracking, discussions, etc.
  • Mobile UI Patterns is another site that provides an anthology of popular designs and layouts for mobile applications.
  • HTTP Statuses is a website that gives a well-organized listing of the HTTP status codes.
  • Twitter Bootstrap Basics is a Railscast that provides a tutorial for getting up and running with Bootstrap in your Rails application.
  • XDate is a wrapper for JavaScript’s native Date object that enhances it’s functionality.
  • Live Reload is a desktop utility that automatically refreshes a web site or application whenever any file is saved on the local machine. Great for mobile development.
  • Keep in View is a JavaScript utility that prevents elements from scrolling out of view whenever a page scrolls.
  • HTML5SQL.js is a JavaScript tool for performing sequential SQL queries on the client-side.
  • TypeSequence is a JavaScript application for firing a callback whenever a user types a series of characters.

There’s a handful of additional articles in the newsletter, too!