In a previous post, I’ve mentioned that GitBox is my git client of choice. In short, I think it’s UI is simple and it’s extremely easy to manage all of the standard git tasks.


And, of course, if you find yourself needing to issue some commands from the command line, it’s really easy to install git for the command line.

But for anyone that’s done an any amount of work with source control, you know that a portion of your time is resolving merge conflicts and sifting through code using a diff tool to help manage the merging.

Though there’s a lot of good options available, the latest version of Kaleidoscope has become my favorite application for managing code diffs. After installing it, here’s how you can configure it for your environment.

Kaleidoscope Git Diff Tool: How To Set It Up

It’s actually really simple. First, make sure that Kaleidoscope is running:


The Kaleidoscope Home Screen

Next, click on the Integration menu item in the Kaleidoscope menu. The following window will appear:

The Kaleidoscope Integration Window

The Kaleidoscope Integration Window

From here, make sure that the first menu item is selected. That is, make sure the option for the Command-line Tool is selected. From there, you’ll be able to install the command line tool.

Once done, you may need to restart your git client.

From this point on, when you need to compare changes between files, Kaleidoscope should open rather than whatever tool you were previously using.

Easy enough, huh?