Supporting WordPress Plugins

When it comes to writing, releasing, and maintaining WordPress plugins is figuring out how to actually support your work once it’s released.

After all, the majority of work on software is maintaining the codebase and responding from all of the feedback given by users or customers.

In my latest article on Envato, I talk specifically about strategies for supporting WordPress Plugins – I lay out some of the problems that currently exist, and also invite readers to share their experience, concerns, and suggestions with what’s available today.

Supporting WordPress Plugins For Fun (And Profit?)

This particular article was motivated largely by my own experience in supporting WordPress plugins. In the article, I cover the following topics:

  • The Fragmentation of Support
  • The Support Models including premium support, the WordPress Plugin Repository, email, and more
  • Concerns on if free plugins also yield free support
  • …and more

So far, there have been some really great comments around this particular topic, but I’m looking to continue the conversation, so if this hits home with anything you’ve done then feel free to chime in.

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