In a previous post, I began talking about how one of the things I wanted to begin doing this year is to introduce shorter blog posts.


Because the truth is with the amount of information coming from other blogs, Twitter, and whatever other social networks and news sources you read, odds are that this site is one that can also be easily marked as read or thrown into Pocket oblivion never to be read again.

And I’m perfectly okay with that! But if I can make any changes on my end to help mitigate that, then why not?

Shorter Blog Posts

When it comes to writing shorter blog posts, what does this mean in terms of actual content?

Generally speaking, not much. I tend to continue writing on the same topics I’ve always written about; however, I’ll likely be doing so without so much information setting up the content and then following-up with it later.

Secondly, it’ll aim to be more to the point than anything else. The idea being that you can load up the article, read through it quickly, save whatever information you’d like (or not), and then move on to whatever’s in your queue.

Finally, this leads me to opportunities to write shorter blog posts that are still related to the things that I usually write about, but I’m able to share a few thoughts about it, perhaps some links, maybe a snippet of code or something similar, without having to commit up to a thousand words going into excessive detail about it.

Ultimately, I think everyone will win.

On top of that, short blog posts will also make it possible to add a second area to this site that I’ve been considering adding for some time now. The shorter blog posts will continue to be free, the longer blog posts will continue to be free, but I’m considering also offering a few articles every now and again that comes at premium-level of information.

But talking about that is fodder for a much longer post, right? So in order to keep this post on shorter blog posts on the short side, I’ll go ahead and draw a line for that right here.