Shorter Blog Posts, Revisited Writing shorter blog posts, again, seems to be a reasonable goal that I'm going to start. Again.

A little over three years ago, I wrote a post about starting to write shorter blog posts. And in that particular posts, I made two comments that I think are still relevant but that I’ve gotten away from doing.

First, I wrote:

Because the truth is with the amount of information coming from other blogs, Twitter, and whatever other social networks and news sources you read, odds are that this site is one that can also be easily marked as read or thrown into Pocket oblivion never to be read again.

And I also wrote:

Secondly, it’ll aim to be more to the point than anything else. The idea being that you can load up the article, read through it quickly, save whatever information you’d like (or not), and then move on to whatever’s in your queue.

I don’t know if old habits die hard or if I’ve simply gotten away from it and back to writing longer form writing because that’s how I tend to write.

Shorter Blog Posts: Revisited

But I don’t want all of my posts to be that way.

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Back to Twentyseventeen for My Blogging Theme I swapped my blogging theme over to Twentyseventeen. More than a few times, I've been asked "why?"

In the last couple of months, there have been a handful of theme shops that have been acquired by larger hosts. There are obvious benefits to those who run both the shop, the hosting company, and to the customers of the given hosting company.

This also, however, leaves niche theme shops in a unique position. I’m in the process of slowly re-building my business’ site. And in the meantime, I’ve asked the following a question (a few times, actually – yes, I’m quoting myself in a tweet 🤷🏻‍♂️):

The reason I ask, though, is two reasons:

  • for the past half-a-decade, we’ve watched the entire theme landscape change,
  • with the changes that have been introduced into the editor in WordPress 5.0 and what’s coming in the future phases as outlined in the State of the Word, I wonder how this impacts small businesses but bloggers as well.

And the purpose of this post has more to do with the latter point than anything else.

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Members Only: How It’s Going to Work

A few weeks ago, I disabled comments (and talked about it a little bit) in preparation for the upcoming re-design and membership feature (or features?) of what I hope to accomplish with the site.

Members Only with Restrict Content Pro
Arguably the best way to setup a Members Only site in WordPress.

Though it’s still a little bit of time before September (which is when I’m planning to launch it all), I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and cover how the site will function, what it’ll include for members only, what it’ll include for everyone and all of that fun stuff.

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Preparing For Memberships and More

For the better half of at least a couple of years, I’ve blogged nearly every day of something related to WordPress. This may be something dealing with blogging, speaking, resources, programming, notes, or other various articles.

To say that writing is something I enjoy doing is an understatement, and being able to do it using software I like and on which we build solutions for others is something that isn’t something I don’t take for granted.

For those who read every day, you’ve likely recognized that I’ve not been posting as frequently as I normally do. Part of this is simply because life has gotten extremely busy. The other part of it has to do with what I’m planning to do with this site in the coming weeks.

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On Improving Content Across the Board

When I last published, it was all about taking a break from social media and why I think it’s useful.

But I ended up not only doing that. Instead, I also took a break from writing (which save for a recent trip is not something I usually do). When you end up taking that kind of time off from writing, you can’t help but build up a backlog of ideas for content that will eventually find its way to be published.

Before getting back into the usual routine, I thought it worth sharing some upcoming plans I have for the site that will impact those of you who read regularly and those of you who may be new readers or who are just stumbling across this post.

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