Discounted Memberships: Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday

As with many other blogs, shops, products, and services during this time of year, I’m offering discounted memberships on this blog from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday.

Discounted Memberships: 2018

What does this really get you, though?

Discounted Memberships (And Benefits)

I receive this question quite a bit though I do have a page dedicated to cover all of this. But I know that not everyone who’s reading this has been around for long, or you simply haven’t sat down to read the page.

I get it: It’s a lengthy page. I don’t read lengthy pages all the time, either. So here’s a quick rundown of what comes with a membership to this site:


WordPress Widgets: Develop Branch

Some of my most recent series include:


Discounted Memberships: Creator Courses

And the benefits for users include discounts on courses and software such as:

  • SearchWP. Instantly improve your site search without writing a line of code.
  • Creator Courses. Members of the site get 25% off of everything.

Furthermore, this works two-fold:

  1. It keeps me from needing to use advertisers rather than sponsors (which are more tailored),
  2. It aims to help you grow your career or your hobby for as low a rate as I can offer.


Easy: My goal is to help you learn to use industry-standard tools for writing the best code possible.

Want To Register?

First, the discount that I’m offering is 30% off for the entirety of your membership. And I offer two memberships:

  1. Monthly at $9 (or $6.30 with this discount)
  2. Yearly at $99 (or $69.30 with this discount)

To join click on these Monthy or Yearly links and then enter the code 30OFF2018 when you sign up.