As is the same with every single year (well, save for last year when I forgot to write a post – or simply neglected to do so 🤷🏻‍♂️), we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States.

I dig this time of year and continue to do so the more our family grows, and the more time we’re able to spend together.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

I’ll be hanging out with some in-laws, my parents, my kids, my wife, and our dogs for the day all the while not being online.

With that said, I’d be remised if I didn’t remind the ladies and gentlemen I’ve met via this blog, via Twitter, online, and so on that, I’m thankful our paths cross, and I continue to look forward to what you’re all going to do in the coming year.

I’m also grateful for those of you with whom I get to work and with whom I get to build things with each month (and, yes, all on WordPress).

I’m sure it’ll be great. But for now, I’m going to enjoy today.